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See a Picture of this Item 201 Rare Muhammad Ali robe c.1970's. White terry cloth robe remains today one of the most enduring symbols of Ali's career. The offered robe retains original applied "Muhammad Ali" lettering on back and Everlast label on breast. According to Joel Platt via Ali the robe was believed to have been used in training for the fight against Chuck Wepner and was given to Joel Platt by Cassius Clay. Includes letter of provenance from Joel Platt and auto. color photo of Ali wearing a similar robe. Incredible piece of classic Ali equipment with impeccable provenance. Includes LOA from Harry Schaefer/Antiquities of the Prize Ring: EX ($15,000.00-$20,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 202 Scarce 1963 Sonny Liston vs. Cassius Clay original underbout fight card. Significant original typewritten preliminary card on official stationary featuring images of both Liston and Clay. The various undercard fights are listed on the sheet including both light heavyweight and heavyweight fights. The most intriguing quality of the piece may well be the vintage writing on the reverse that state, "Attn: Mr. Morris Klein-Clay has all of the signs & symptoms of a paranoid condition (which is a sign of insanity in a young man his age). I firmly think that he should be examined again by your physicians, in order for them to reevaluate him, which in turn might prevent serious consequences tonight. R.C. Bennett, M.D. Personal Physician Sonny Liston Mich. Ath. State Board Control". This fascinating period notation was foreboding as Clay was later fined $2,500.00 by Commissioner Morris Klein for bad conduct during the weigh in events. The letter offers a unique period view into the psyche that Clay (Ali) was to become famous for and suggests that he actually was able to instill fear into his opponents even if the reasoning was unusual. The piece remains very clean with original fold line and includes various supporting information regarding the fight and the events surrounding: EX ($6,000.00-$8,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 203 Cassius Clay sportcoat attributed to the 1960 Olympic Games. Green plaid blazer with shield shaped "U.S. Olympic Team 1960" patch sewn on breast pocket. Jacket shows minor usage wear and retains orig. McGregor "Automek Sportcoat" tagging along with dry clean tagging on inside right side lining. The offered sportcoat was obtained by Joel Platt directly from Cassius Clay Sr. and was believed to have been worn by Clay during the 1960 games as casual informal wear. The jacket is accompanied by zeroz image of Clay and several other Olympians standing in Rome, Italy in which Ali and three others are wearing the more formal blue Olympic blazer along with another athlete wearing a similar plaid blazer. Signed at a later date by Ali on breast pocket, significant item with relation to a defining era in Ali's career. Includes letter of provenance from Joel Platt, xerox copy of artwork/letter of provenance from Cassius Clay Sr.: EX (Estimate Upon Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 204 Mickey Walker framed display piece. Large format 20"x35" matted display featuring an auto. 8"x10" photo signed by Welterweight Champion Mickey Walker (To Michael Lopota), large format 10"x13" image of Walker fishing, and color premium from Police Gazette. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $70.00
See a Picture of this Item 205 Henry Armstrong framed display piece. Shadowbox framed display featuring original cartoon artwork piece (12"x15") by Geo. Papp, small metal referee fight counter from Armstrong fight, referee whistle from Armstrong fight, and red rubber mouthpiece attributed to Armstrong. Eclectic and unique grouping of early boxing items from the legendary Farmer collection: EX ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 206 Jack Dempsey vs. Jess Willard original cartoon artwork by Robert Ripley (autographed). Large 13:x25" composite illustrative piece featuring images of both fighters surrounded by fight action caricatures and sarcastic comments from spectators. Inscribed at bottom left, "To George Bothner Compliments of Rip--Toledo, Ohio July 4, 1919". Ripley was one of the premier cartoonists of the later gaining fame for his Ripley's "Believe it or Not" projects. Cartoon remains bold and attractive with some light moisture spotting on background, matted and framed. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autograph): EX ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $1,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 207 Gene Tunney framed display piece. Mated and framed display measuring 18"x30" featuring 1951 Gene Tunney auto. typed letter sent to Michael Lopota regarding a signed photo. Also included in the display is the actual Tunney signed photo (To Michael Lopota) mentioned in the letter and a vintage necktie attributed to Tunney. Both signatures on the letter and photo rate 8/9 out of 10, includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($750.00-$1,250.00) $110.00
See a Picture of this Item 208 Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey 1927 "Long Count" fight related framed display piece. Matted and framed 20"x30" collage arrangement to include Tunney and Dempsey autographed 8"x10" photographs each personalized "To Harry Brown", repro. of the fight program front cover, and original ticket stub from the Sept. 22, 1927 Championship fight (has heavy creasing). Infamous fight in which Tunney was knocked down by Dempsey but given a "longer" then usual count due to a technicality and then went on to beat Dempsey. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autographs): Signed photos: NM, Ticket stub: PR-GD ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $375.00
See a Picture of this Item 209 Rare fight worn glove attributed to Rocky Marciano c. . Reddish brown leather right hand glove retaining it's original Everlast (Craftsman Shop) tag showing good usage wear and measures 10 1/2" long from top to bottom. Glove is framed in shadowbox style frame along with color premium photo of Marciano and handwritten letter of provenance from Marciano's brother Peter in which he states that this glove was worn by Rocky in a fight versus Bernie Reynolds in 19 at Providence, RI. Marciano remains today one of the most storied and popular fighters in history placing high demand and scarcity on related items. Includes letter of provenance from Joel Platt: EX ($4,000.00-$6,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 210 Lot of seven-(7) Jack Dempsey related items to include: July 4, 1919 Willard vs. Dempsey ticket stub: VG, Sept. 22, 1927 Tunney vs. Dempsey ticket stub (Long Count fight): VG-EX, "Jack Dempsey's Boxing Club" membership certificate: EX, 1932 photo of Dempsey w/punching bag (8"x10"): NM, Dempsey auto. 8"x10" photo (To Marty Fielder) dated 1934: EX-MT, 8"x10" orig. photo of Dempsey in military uniform by J.Jeffries photographer Chas. Heath (signed by Heath): NM, and sepia tone photo of Dempsey with his parents (6"x7") with "Mom" and "Dad" written on front: VG. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autograph). ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 211 Jack Dempsey related photograph album. Album consisting of approx. (60) vintage images relating to Dempsey from early in his career to post career era. Very fine group with mostly 8"x10" images, subjects incl. Dempsey/Willard, Dempsey in various fight action scenes, Dempsey portraits, stadium views, and street clothes images. Lot also includes several news articles incl. obituary: Range VG-NM ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $950.00
See a Picture of this Item 212 United States Coast Guard service hat attributed to Jack Dempsey. Black beret style hat with original American eagle metal logo pin attached to front panel. Interior leather band remains very clean with minimal usage wear and has vintage "J D" initials written in ink. Hat originated directly from Dempsey himself and will include letter of provenance from Joel Platt: EX ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 213 Joe Louis related photograph album. Includes (16) vintage images of Louis most of which are 8"x10". Subjects include fight scenes, Sid Marks auto. photo, 1935 Louis/Carnera, Louis/Schmeling, and Louis/Simon: Range VG-NM ($500.00-$750.00) $225.00
See a Picture of this Item 214 Lot of eleven-(11) vintage photographs with relation to 1938 Roper vs. Louis Championship fight. All images have relation to the fight which took place at Wrigley Field in Chicago incl. fight action scenes (5"x7"), sparring mages, and fans watching from the outfield walls: Range VG-EX/MT ($300.00-$400.00) $150.00
See a Picture of this Item 215 Lot of approx. one hundred and fifty four-(154) vintage boxing photographs and postcards. Strong grouping consisting mostly of 3"x5" photos, real photo postcards, and Exhibit cards with fighters such as Dempsey, Willard, Dundee, Devine, and Louis. Lot features many fine photographic images including several by Geo. Grantham Bain. Originated from the collections of T.Farmer and Doc Almy: Range VG-NM ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $1,100.00
See a Picture of this Item 216 Vintage Joe Louis photographic display piece. Collage style arrangement measures 20"x30" in period frame picturing Louis to the right surrounded by various scenes from his fights. Has some light staining in background which is most likely removable if so desired. Appears to have some sort of promotional or advertising piece: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $160.00
See a Picture of this Item 217 Lot of over four hundred-(400) vintage boxing related photographs from the Tommy Farmer and Doc Almy collections. Incredible selection of period boxing images incl. portraits, promotional photos, and action photos. Majority are 8"x10" photos of single fighters such as Baer, Walcott, Dempsey, and Braddock. Extensive grouping with fine breakdown value: Range VG-NM ($3,000.00-$4,000.00) $3,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 218 Lot of approx. one hundred and forty six-(146) vintage boxing related photographs from the Tommy Farmer and Doc Almy collections. Majority are 5"x7" images of single fighter incl. promotional photos. Includes numerous high quality photographic pieces with several stamped by photographer George Grantham Bain on back: Range VG-NM ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $800.00
See a Picture of this Item 219 Lot of over four hundred-(400) vintage boxing related photographs from the Tommy Farmer and Doc Almy collections. Incredible selection of period boxing images incl. portraits, promotional photos, and action photos. Majority are 8"x10" photos of single fighters such as Leonard, Braddock, Wilson, and Dundee. Fine collection with strong breakdown value: Range VG-NM ($3,000.00-$4,000.00) $1,300.00
See a Picture of this Item 220 Lot of fifteen-(15) vintage boxing related photographic items. Includes 10"x13" image of Max and Buddy Baer, Packey O'Gatty auto. letter and postcard to Michael Lopota, several early boxer cabinet photos incl. Jimmy Briggs, Andre Lenglet auto. photo, and panoramic photo of Brunton Studios where Jack Dempsey was filming a movie: Range VG-NM ($500.00-$750.00) $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 221 Fine period boxing immortals photographic album. Oversized 16"x20" album containing interior pages with oval vignette windows displaying over (110) boxer photographs incl. Johnson, Louis, Dempsey, Ross, Conn, and Sharkey. Album also includes a few larger images such as 10"x14" Schaaf/Sharkey fight image. Includes some very fine original portraiture of boxing legends: EX ($1,500.00-$2,500.00) $1,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 222 Lot of fifty three-(53) vintage boxing related advertising envelopes and stationary pieces. Includes Joe Louis, Manuel Ortiz, and Paul Pender pieces. Lot also includes (8) boxing related tickets/ephemera pieces such as 1942 Salica vs. Ortiz ticket: Range VG-NM ($500.00-$750.00) $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 223 Lot of thirty one-(31) vintage sports related photographs. Almost all are boxing related incl. Dempsey, Sullivan, Ross, Carnera, and Corbett. Lot also includes a few movie star and baseball related photos such as James Cagney and Joe DiMaggio: Range VG-NM ($500.00-$750.00) $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 224 Superb lot of twenty four-(24) boxing related autographed pieces. Remarkable group of primarily signed photographs to include: Johnny Dundee photo, Kid Chocolate photo, Tony Galento premium photo, Willie Ritchie handwritten letter, (2) Billy Conn auto. pieces, T. "Tiger" Flowers photo, Harry Wills photo, James Braddock photo, Gene Tunney photo, Sugar Robinson photo (secretarial), (2) Mickey Walker photos (one is secretarial), Jack Dempsey letter (signed 'Jack'), Primo Carnera photo, and Tommy Burns photo. Strong group with excellent breakdown value, includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: Range VG-NM ($3,000.00-$4,000.00) $3,100.00
See a Picture of this Item 225 Joe Louis autographed boxing glove. Large 12" tall reddish brown left handed glove retaining original yellow Everlast "Golden Gloves" tag on back of hand. Stamped above tag in white is "5406 10 oz", glove shows some typical light age wear and is signed in black marker by Louis at top. The glove was obtained by Joel Platt directly from Louis' wife and signed by Louis in front of Joel Platt. Veteran boxers and boxing historians when asked will consistently rank Louis as the greatest fighter they "ever saw". Glove has been framed in shadowbox style frame along with promotional photo of Louis and Louis auto. 8"x10" photo from his fight with Max Schmeling. Includes letter of provenance from Joel Platt and LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autographs): EX ($750.00-$1,250.00) $900.00
See a Picture of this Item 226 Lot of two-(2) Max Schmeling related pieces to include: 1932 advertising envelope promoting the Schmeling/Sharkey fight: VG and men's necktie attributed to have been worn by Schmeling: EX ($250.00-$350.00) $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 227 Lot of two-(2) vintage boxing auto. photographs. Includes 8"x12" signed image of Tom Heeney (To Harry): EX and 7"x9" signed image of Johnny Dundee framed with another unsigned image of Dundee: EX. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad. ($400.00-$600.00) $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 228 "The Joe Louis Story" movie poster. Full color large format poster measures 30"x40" on linen backing issued for the London film release of the Louis based film. Features Joe Louis in several scene poses, has a few surface wrinkles and light edge wear: EX ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $500.00
See a Picture of this Item 229 Harry Wills auto. photo display. Matted and framed 10"x30" display including two 6"x8" auto. photos and unsigned 8"x10" photo. Signatures and photos remain in fine overall condition, Wills was a promising fighter who would have likely challenged Dempsey for the title if he were not African American as he was relegated to fight other black fighters. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $550.00
See a Picture of this Item 230 Tony Zale framed display piece. Matted and framed 12"x23" display featuring a boxing medal presented to Zale marked " Ashland AR", Police Gazette color premium photo, and 3"x5" auto. unlined card. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($250.00-$350.00) $160.00
See a Picture of this Item 231 Lot of Jack Root related materials to include: Framed collage arrangement incl. two repro. photos and signed Christmas card (12"x20" overall size); Framed display including repro. photo of Root matted and framed with 1950 typed letter signed by Root (11"x27" overall size); and album of misc. Root related items including cabinet photo, 1949 typed letter signed by Root; Root signed Easter Greetings card; and several other general ephemera pieces. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: Range VG-NM ($750.00-$1,000.00) $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 232 Lot of two-(2) Battling Nelson related photographs. Includes rare 1904 sepia tone image from the Nelson vs. Canole fight in which Nelson won in 18 rounds (10"x14" in original frame): VG-EX and b&w photo of Nelson in fight with referee counting a downed fighter (10"x13" framed): EX ($500.00-$750.00) $70.00
See a Picture of this Item 233 Period framed display of five-(5) vintage boxing auto. photographs from the Tommy Farmer collection. Group of signed 8"x10" vintage photos all of which are personalize to George Hussey. Fighters include Mike Robinson, Joey Sangor, Jerry McCarthy, Tommy O'Brien, and Tod Morgan. All have signed in black fountain pen and range from 7-9 out of 10, includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $175.00
See a Picture of this Item 234 Frankie Neil framed display piece. Large 27"x37" matted and frame display featuring two handwritten letters from Frankie Neil to Packey O'Gatty. Each has excellent boxing content and are signed "Frankie". Letters are matted with photographs of both fighters. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 235 Lot of four-(4) vintage boxing framed photographic collage pieces from the Tommy Farmer collection. Attractive period montage of various boxers incl. Willard, Dundee, Frank Mantell (auto.), Willie Ritchie (auto.), Ertle, Egan, and Choynski. Sizes of images are primarily 5"x7", frame display sizes range from 9"x15" to 19"x26". Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autographs): Range VG-NM ($800.00-$1,200.00) $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 236 Lot of three-(3) George Godfrey related pieces to include: 7"x9" period image of Godfrey and Primo Carnera posing for photographers: EX, 10"x14" sepia tone image of Godfrey posed in boxing ring: EX, and George Godfrey auto. I.O.U. card for $100.00 signed in pencil on back of Hotel Belmont business card: EX. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autograph). ($500.00-$750.00) $225.00
See a Picture of this Item 237 Lot of four-(4) Jack Johnson related photographic pieces. Includes 7"x9" fight scene photo from the Ketchel vs. Johnson match (Has a few areas of glass adhesion at bottom): GD-VG, 4 1/2"x6 1/2" blue tinted photographic card of Johnson boxing at Levenworth prison: VG, 4"x5" sepia tone portrait photo of Johnson stamped Gilliams Press Syndicate on back: VG-EX, and 6 1/2"x8 1/2" photo of Jack Johnson and Frank Hagny signed to Tommy Farmer from Hagny (Interestingly has a vintage sketch of Emmet Kelly in Brooklyn Dodger 'Bum' garb on back): EX ($750.00-$1,250.00) $500.00
See a Picture of this Item 238 Lot of Jack Johnson vs. James Jeffries related items to include: Rare original ticket stub from the July 4, 1910 Championship fight held in Reno, Nevada: VG and large 19"x26" matted and framed display featuring vintage photographic replica of ticket receipt and three photos relating to the fight incl. period images of both Jeffries and Johnson: EX ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 239 Jack Johnson real photo postcard. 3"x5" postcard picturing Johnson in boxing pose on front, back has some adhesive residue from scrapbook removal and is identified as being Johnson: VG ($200.00-$300.00) $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 240 Harry Greb framed display piece. Large 31"x39" matted and framed display featuring a Rawlings Sporting Goods leather punching bag attributed to have been used by Greb in training, sepia tone 8"x10" image of Greb and Tunney, b&w 8"x10" image of Greb and G.Chip, and large 14"x23" promotional photo of Greb with fasc. autograph. Punching bag originated from Greb's sister who lived in the Pittsburgh area and includes letter of provenance from Joel Platt: EX ($750.00-$1,250.00) $700.00
See a Picture of this Item 241 Pair of W.L. "Young" Stribling fight worn boxing gloves. Pair of red leather gloves retaining their orig. Spalding labels and showing good usage wear. Stamped "66-6 oz Large" in silver above labels, Stribling died in 1933 and as such items relating to his career are very sought after by boxing collectors. Originated from former Green Bay Packer Chester "Swede" Johnson whose father promoted Stribling's fights and includes letter of provenance from Joel Platt: EX ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 242 Pair of vintage eyeglasses attributed to James Corbett. Pair of high quality tortiseshell spectacles with their original leather case that are attributed to be those that belonged to Heavyweight boxing Champion James Corbett. Glasses have missing portion of frame at left ear hook and are missing glass. Case shows some typical age wear and retains orig. R.J. Strauss glass cleaning shammy inside. Originated from the Lopata collection and include letter of provenance from Joel Platt: VG ($400.00-$600.00) $475.00
See a Picture of this Item 243 Large format photograph of James Corbett from the Tommy Farmer collection. Matte finish 11"x19" photo of Corbett in boxing pose matted in vintage black paper mount with white letter titling. Photo is undated but appears to be a second period image from the first quarter of the 20th century, retains orig. mahogany frame with "Tom Farmer" written on back: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $175.00
See a Picture of this Item 244 Corbett vs. Fitzsimmons related framed display piece. Matted and framed 20"x36" display featuring a very rare original ticket stub from the October 31, 1895 James Corbett vs. Bob Fitzsimmons Heavyweight Championship fight which took place in Dallas, Tx. Ticket was issued for a $40.00 box seat and remains in very fine overall condition. Matted and framed with Police Gazette color premium photos of both fighters: EX ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 245 John L. Sullivan vs. James Corbett framed display piece. Matted and framed 24"x32" display featuring a scarce original ticket stub from the September 7, 1892 Championship fight held in New Orleans,LA. Ticket has a few areas of light toning on the edges (not examined out of frame) remaining very clean overall: EX. Collage also includes James Corbett auto. 8"x10" studio portrait (To Harry Brown) dated 1927: EX-MT. Two unsigned sepia tone photos of Sullivan and Corbett are also matted in the display. The Sullivan vs. Corbett fight is among the most legendary in boxing history with Corbett stunning the Champion Sullivan with an unexpected victory. Includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autograph) ($2,000.00-$3,000.00) $1,400.00
See a Picture of this Item 246 John L. Sullivan Championship replica belt. Very high quality metal with enamelwork replica of John L. Sullivan's 1887 Championship belt mounted on oak backboard. Lot also includes color litho. print of Sullivan in boxing pose wearing the original belt which included 12K gold and 397 diamonds. The original belt was melted down for gold content in the 1940's. Impressive display piece relating to boxing's original Champion: NM ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $600.00
See a Picture of this Item 247 Lot of two-(2) John L.Sullivan related framed display pieces. Includes a large 26" tall charcoal portrait of Sullivan with a series of smaller illustrative vignettes relating to Sullivan. Very well executed portrait with fine attention to detail: EX. Lot also includes framed montage of documents relating to a 1944 request by Tommy Farmer for a copy of Sullivan's birth certificate incl. an official copy from 1944 with no "L" middle initial: EX ($750.00-$1,250.00) $1,600.00
See a Picture of this Item 248 John L. Sullivan color tinted photograph. Attractive vintage image of Sullivan with gloves drawn having color tinted appointments and name in white lettering at bottom. 15"x20" in period grain painted frame, has some light age toning and minor edge wear: EX ($500.00-$750.00) $225.00
See a Picture of this Item 249 Fine folk art painted chalkware statue of John L. Sullivan c.1890's. Striking figural statue of the Champion boxer posed with fists extended standing next to an American eagle atop a red, white, and blue shield. Impressed title of base "Jon L. Sullivan" on one side and artist's signature on other panel which is not recognizable. Statue is very well done with wonderful original patina and large portion of its' original paint. Has some areas of restoration incl. left arm which appears to have been re-attached. One of the finest 19th century boxing display pieces that we have encountered. Ex Eugene Sussel collection: VG-EX ($5,000.00-$7,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 250 Vintage Jack Johnson photograph. Sepia tone 5"x8" image of Johnson in fighting pose with fasc. autograph printed on front, matted and framed: EX ($150.00-$200.00) $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 251 Pair of fight worn boxing gloves attributed to Sugar Ray Robinson along with fight worn and auto. hand wrap. Pair of reddish brown gloves with MacGregor "Golden Gloves" model labels on back. One label has "Sugar Ray Robinson" written in period ink, interior of each glove is stamped "G409 8oz." . Gloves also have AAU tagging next to lacings: EX. Hand wrap is hardened from age and consists of period tape with vintage blue ink inscription and signature reading, "Dec. 8 61 Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Greaves Pitt, PA To Woogy ? Boy Sugar Ray Robinson": VG. Includes letter of provenance and LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autograph). ($3,000.00-$4,000.00) $3,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 252 Rare Aug. 14, 1903 large format photograph of James Jeffries vs. James Corbett. Oversized 13 1/2"x 17 1/2" cabinet photograph of the fight in which Jeffries defeated Corbett in 10 rounds. Fighters are identified in period ink on the image along with referee Ed Graney. Marked "Photo by Dana" at lower left, both fighter's sashs have period hand color tinting: EX ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 253 Rare Nov. 25, 1903 large format photograph of George Gardner vs. Bob Fitzsimmons. Oversized 13 1/2"x 17 1/2" cabinet photograph of the fight in which Fiztsimmons defeated Gardner in 20 rounds. Fighters are identified in period ink in the image exposure along with titling at bottom in vintage ink. Fans are notably visible peering at the fight action. Marked "Dana Photo" at lower right corner, both fighters have period hand color tinted sashs: EX ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 254 Significant group of fight used materials from the January 20, 1970 Rocky Marciano vs. Muhammad Ali "Superfight". Wonderful lot of boxing artifacts relating to a fight which was a computer dream match between the two Champions. The fight scenes were actually filmed in 1969 shortly before Marciano died, in the American version Marciano won while in the European version Ali won. The offered lot originated from an official involved with fight and includes the following: Rocky Marciano's fight worn trunks, black with white stripe satin trunks retaining orig. Spartan tag on front and signed by Marciano in black on a white stripe. Trunks show usage wear incl. fake blood stains used in the filming: EX; Muhammad Ali fight worn trunks, white with black stripes satin trunks signed by Ali twice on front. Retain orig. Spartan tag on front and show good usage wear incl. fake blood used in filming: VG-EX; Muhammad Ali fight worn boxing gloves, reddish brown leather gloes with orig. Everlast labels on back and "2008" model stamping inside both gloves. Gloves show great usage wear incl. color 'bleeding' on labels and fake blood spot stain on lacings. Rocky Marciano fight worn shoes, black leather high top shoes used in the fight retaining orig. Brooks label inside tongue and show good usage wear incl. fake blood stain on bottom on shoes and laces from filming: EX; and Rocky Marciano fight used ankle wrap, marked Ace Elastic Bandage Co. with some staining incl. blood spot with period tape identfying it as being used by Marciano: VG. The offered lot represents an incredibly rare grouping of fight worn items with unusually strong provenance. Includes letter of provenance and LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad (autographs). ($15,000.00-$20,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 255 Scarce John L. Sullivan handwritten letter. Dated Dec. 29, 1899 hand penned letter written on John L. Sullivan stationary to a Benjamin Benton. Content of the letter is poignant and intriguing regarding the upcoming Dixon vs. McGovern fight. Sullivan is opining on the outcome of the fight and about both boxers, several excerpts include: "My dear Benton you can state that McGovern will beat Dixon sure and inside of 10 rounds...", "...although Dixon is a great little colored boy this is the time that he will meet his waterloo...", and "...I do not want you to think I am predjudiced I am far from being such this boy McGovern is a wonder of the nineteenth century as before I am John L. Sullivan". Letter has some very light age toning on perimeter and original light fold lines, signature rates 8 out of 10. Sullivan autographed pieces of quality are nearly non existent with the offered letter being one of the finest of its' type to enter the marketplace. Matted and framed, includes LOA from PSA/DNA J.Spence-S.Grad: EX ($8,000.00-$10,000.00) $7,250.00
See a Picture of this Item 256 Joe Louis souvenir pillow top c.1940's. Large 16"x17" display piece featuring an illustrative image of Louis in the center. Remains very clean with minimal age wear, matted and framed: EX-MT ($500.00-$750.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 257 Joe Louis figural clock c.1940's. Metal with bronze wash figural clock featuring a bust of Joe Louis atop a floral decorated base. Retains original clock works and remains in running order, marked United Clock Co. Brooklyn, NY. 12" tall with light overall age wear: EX-EX/MT ($750.00-$950.00) $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 258 Mike Tyson original painting by R. Carson. Huge 26"x39" matted and framed oil painting of Iron Mike portraying the fighter with qualities of strength and confidence so associated with the early part of his career. Signed by the artist and dated 1998 at lower right, very impressive piece of boxing related artwork: EX-MT ($750.00-$1,000.00) $80.00
See a Picture of this Item 259 Everlast boxing glove, green and gold. This glove was worn by Joe Frazier in his world championship fight with George Foreman. It retains blood stains from the fight. On January 22, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, ôSmokinö Joe Frazier - the reigning Heavyweight Champion of the World - met the fearsome George Foreman. Both men were undefeated at the time (Frazier: 29-0 with 25 knockouts; Foreman: 37-0 with 34 KOs) and considered amongst the most celebrated punchers of all time. Frazier had a proven record having defeated Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Ellis and Jerry Quarry while ForemanÆs resume was comparatively light with his toughest opponents being George Chuvalo and Gregorio Peralta. Accordingly, Foreman was a 2-1 underdog against Frazier. The worldwide audience - enhanced by virtue of the fact that this was the first championship fight broadcast by HBO - was stunned when ôSmokinö Joe was knocked to the canvas in the first round. Five more knockdowns followed and the fight was stopped in the second round. The great champion - ôSmokinö Joe Frazier - was dethroned. ($3,000.00-$4,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 260 A gold colored period Everlast commemorative boxing glove celebrating the Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali 1974 Super Fight. Initialed by Joe Frazier (JF). ($600.00-$800.00) $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 261 Red Everlast boxing glove autographed by Joe Frazier during his fight career. ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 262 Souvenir program from the World's Heavyweight Championship. Joe Frazier vs. Oscar Bonavena. Tuesday Evening, December 10 at Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Autographed by Joe Frazier. ($400.00-$600.00) $125.00
See a Picture of this Item 263 White Everlast boxing glove used by Joe Frazier in his second fight with Jimmy Ellis. On February 16th, 1970 in New York City's famed Madison Square Garden, Smokin Joe Frazier won his first heavyweight championship crowns (WBC and WBA) when the defeated Jimmy Ellis by TKO in the fifth round. Five years later - on March 1, 1975 - Frazier fought Ellis again and again won, this time by TKO in the ninth round. The fight took place in Melbourne, Australia. The boxing glove offered in this lot was used by Frazier in that fight. Autographed by Joe Frazier. ($2,000.00-$3,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 264 Black Everlast heavily padded boxing glove worn by ôSmokinö Joe Frazier in his training for the landmark first fight with Muhammad Ali (Ali/Frazier I). Initialed JF. Whenever great fights are spoken of, high on the list (if not in the top slot) is the remarkable first meeting between Smokin Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Given that the combatants entered the ring with vastly different political auras, the fight took on far greater meaning than simply a classic bout between two great pugilists. Taking place on March 8, 1971 in New York's Madison Square Garden, the fight truly proved to be a spectacle of the highest order. Tickets brought exorbitant amounts and were fought over almost as fiercely as the fight itself! The audience featured many of the biggest names in the worlds of sport and entertainment. The fight itself - a brutal affair - went the distance and was won by Joe Frazier. By winning, he retained his WBC and WBA world heavyweight championship crowns. ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $1,200.00
See a Picture of this Item 265 Adidas Award. Award shaped as a bronze Adidas hightop shoe. Inscribed: Joe Frazier World Champion 1971 - Presented May 1971 Adidassler Adidas Spartchun Faeriken Herzogen Aurach, Western Germany ($800.00-$1,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 266 Roy Campanella Award. Jagged crystal award with Joe Frazier's signature in gold plus. Inscribed: National Center for Disability Services Roy Campanella Award - Sports night 2001 - Joe Frazier. ($700.00-$900.00) $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 267 Program and invitation for the 20th Anniversary Gala of The Smokin Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali Fight of the Century. Cover of program signed by Joe Frazier and Leroy Neiman, April 14, 1991. The event celebrated the March 8, 1971 World Heavyweight Championship. ($800.00-$1,000.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 268 Olympic Trophy awarded to Joe Frazier for becoming the Heavyweight Gold Medalist in the 1964 Olympic Games held in Tokyo, Japan. The inscription reads Joe Frazier in Recognition of Accomplishment - Gold Medal Award 1964 Olympics. In addition to the medals themselves, successful Olympic athletes were also awarded trophies. This award is significant on a number of levels. Not only was it the first heavyweight championship won by Joe Frazier, it also proved to be the first time the heavyweight gold went to an American. Interestingly, Joe Frazier lost to Buster Mathis in the final Olympic trials for a place on the American team. However, in that fight Mathis hurt his thumb and was unable to compete. Frazier took his place and won the gold. In 1968, four years later, Frazier beat Mathis by knocking him out in the 11th round to win the New York Heavyweight Championship. ($2,500.00-$3,500.00) $1,950.00
See a Picture of this Item 269 Three trophies awarded to Smokin Joe Frazier for his accomplishments in the ring. The awards were given to him by three organizations from Italy and were presented during his fight career. A: Trophy with figure of Neptune inscribed Joe Frazier Campione Del Mondo Il Giornale Stadio 3-6-1971 (inscription plaque is detached) B: Trophy in the form of a boxing glove with inscription on plaque: "Fundazione Ristorante 'Zeffirino' Geneva-Italia A Frazier Campione Del Mondo 1971" C: Trophy with she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus inscribed: "Il Sindaco di Roma Clelio Darida a Joe Frazier Campione del Mondo Dei Pesi Massimi Campidogio, Giugno 1971" ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $1,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 270 Joe Frazier Shirt worn at the fight preview for the Thrilla in Manila.By the time the third fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier came around, the media coverage could not be greater. Ali had demonstrated throughout his career how he could manipulate the press to maximize his publicity and antagonize his opponents. Joe Frazier, always the solid, strong and quiet type, anticipated his face off with the colorful Ali at their press conference prior to the Manila ôrubber matchö. Already dubbed by Ali as the ôThrilla in Manilaö, the event might be described as a ôscene and a half!ö In part because it was in the Philippines but also because he wanted to not appear to shrink into the shadows of the flamboyant Ali, Joe chose to wear this colorful shirt of Philippine origin. ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 271 Olympic Certificate from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games recognizing Joseph Frazier as having taken 1st in boxing - heavyweight. This certificate accompanied the Olympic gold medal (which is not in this auction.) The importance of this lot cannot be overly emphasized as it not only was the first time an American won Olympic heavyweight gold but also set the stage for Joe Frazier ultimately becoming the first man to have won both the Olympics and the professional heavyweight crown. ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 272 Olympic Blazer from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games. It is hard to imagine a young Joe Frazier any prouder than when he donned this Olympic navy blazer for the first time entering the Tokyo stadium representing the United States of America. Indeed, although he lost in the American Olympic finals to Buster Mathis (who he later defeated as a professional), an injury to Mathis opened the door for Frazier. He went on to win the gold medal as the first American Olympic Heavyweight Champion and, as Smokin Joe Frazier, became the first man to win both the Olympic gold and the professional Heavyweight Championship of the World. ($3,000.00-$5,000.00) $2,100.00
See a Picture of this Item 273 Fight program from the Ali / Frazier ôfight of the centuryö. Many believe that the first fight between Smokin Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali was the greatest fight ever conducted. That event is described in some detail elsewhere on these pages. This is Official Souvenir Program from that March 8, 1971 evening at Madison Square Garden. It is signed by Joe Frazier who emerged from the fight battered but victorious. ($300.00-$500.00) $350.00
See a Picture of this Item 274 Marketing materials from the camp of Smokin Joe Frazier. Many of Joe Frazier's fights dominated the news around the globe at the time they were held. To assist in the process of disseminating information, press kits of articles, interviews and news releases, and biographies about Joe Frazier were prepared for the media. This lot consists of a collection of same all on cream-colored Joe Frazier stationary printed with his blue logo of a crown over two boxing gloves. ($300.00-$400.00) $35.00
See a Picture of this Item 275 1967 original art for a published cartoon by sports cartoonist Bruce Stark. Signed and inscribed in blue ink: ôBest of luck to you in your career, Joe - Bruce Starkö The cartoon depicts a powerful, upper-cutting Joe Frazier with smaller images of Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson. In the cartoon, the point is made that no Olympic heavyweight champion ascended to the professional heavyweight crown. However, the point is also made that if Frazier defeats a tough George Chuvalo (which he did), he might be the first to achieve this lofty goal. Fight fans know that Frazier was indeed the first man to win the heavyweight championship on both the amateur and professional levels. ($400.00-$600.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 276 New York Award to Joe Frazier. A handsome wooden plaque in the shape of New York State with the Police Department of New York seal. Inscribed is New York's Finest Champions Award presented to Joe Frazier at the Downtown Athletic Club 1989. The Downtown Athletic Club, located in the lower part of Manhattan not far from the World Trade Center site, is one of the most prominent clubs in America. It is the home of the famed Heisman Trophy. ($700.00-$900.00) $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 277 Product label for Smokin Joe Hot Smoked Sausage. Signed on the verso several times by Joe Frazier. Consistent with many top athletes, Smokin Joe Frazier's name became affixed to various products and businesses. This rare label is the only known surviving example of Joe's smoked sausages! ($300.00-$500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 278 Philadelphia Award. Award plate inscribed ôPolice Athletic League of Philadelphia. Hall of Fame Award presented to Joe Frazier for outstanding achievement in athletics. February 26, 1976 Joe Frazier has always been about Philadelphia. He came up the hard way and served as the model for Rocky in the famous film series. Following his fabulous career, most of life remained centered in Philadelphia, in part focused on assisting the city's urban youth. Clearly, this award has great meaning for Joe and his family. ($700.00-$900.00) $225.00
See a Picture of this Item 279 Philadelphia Plaque. Large wooden plaque with bronze bell, inscribed: Joe Frazier Heavyweight Champion of the World. Presented by the City of Philadelphia, April 19, 1971. 24 1/2 x 18 1/2. It should be noted that this award was presented to Joe shortly after his victory over Muhammad Ali in their first fight. ($800.00-$1,200.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 280 Philadelphia Athlete Trophy. A prominent cup with mounted eagle. It was awarded to Joe Frazier from the City of Philadelphia with the following inscription: The John Wanamaker Athletic Award Presented to Joe Frazier the Philadelphia Athlete who has done the most to reflect credit to Philadelphia 1968. It should be noted that it is widely recognized that Joe Frazier was the Philadelphia fighter used as the model for the enormously popular film series Rocky. ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 281 World Boxing Association Plaque. Wooden plaque with inscription on black enamel: World Heavyweight Championship February 16,1970 - Jan 22, 1973. World Boxing Association 55th Convention 8-27-76 ($700.00-$900.00) $60.00
See a Picture of this Item 282 Rocky Marciano Award. Large wood plaque with bronze detail. "Rocky Marciano Award". Inscribed: "Joe Frazier in recognition of your outstanding and significant achievements a champion in life" Downtown Athletic Club, November 21, 1988. 20 1/2" x 13". The Downtown Athletic Club, located in lower Manhattan, is home to the Heisman Trophy and is considered one of the most prestigious clubs in the Country. ($600.00-$800.00) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 283 Rocky Marciano Award Plate. Inscribed: Rocky Marciano Foundation Springfield, Massachusetts honoring Joe Frazier Man of the Year January 26, 1990. ($400.00-$600.00) $150.00
See a Picture of this Item 284 New York Boxing Writers Award. Black plaque with bronze overlay reading "The Edward J. Neil Memorial for Outstanding Boxing presented by Boxing Writers Association of New York to Joe Frazier" ($600.00-$800.00) $950.00
See a Picture of this Item 285 New York Police Department Award. Trophy bust of an African American police officer inscribed "Joseph B.Frazier Champion of Champions in Recognition" - Retired Detectives, N.Y.P.D. Joseph Salmieri President 4-11-84 ($600.00-$800.00) $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 286 Sportscasters Award. Trophy award of a bronze radio microphone inscribed "Joe Frazier Sports Legend 1996 - The American Sportscasters Association" ($700.00-$900.00) $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 287 New York City Proclamation. Proclamation by the Council of the City of New York honoring Joe Frazier's many accomplishments. 18" x 13 1/2". With a number of Joe Frazier's most important fights taking place in New York City (Madison Square Garden) including his monumentally significant first fight with Muhammad Ali, the City very much understood the goodness of the man and awarded him with this proclamation. ($600.00-$800.00) $175.00
See a Picture of this Item 288 Ali Fight Victory Party Poster. This poster was created for the Victory Party celebration following Smokin Joe Frazier's win in his landmark first fight with Muhammad Ali, Monday, March 8, 1971. Duke Ellington and his orchestra performed. 21 1/2" x 16 1/2". Importantly, this is the only known existing example of this poster which was printed in a minimal quantity. ($1,000.00-$1,500.00) $375.00
See a Picture of this Item 289 Joe Frazier's signed contract to fight in the third Ali vs. Frazier bout at the "Thrilla in Manila". Joe Frazier's third fight against his archrival Muhammad Ali was the final extraordinary chapter to the long lasting struggle of the two heavyweights who faced each other for a total of 132 minutes in the ring. The Frazier / Ali third fight is considered one of the most brutal and bitter bouts in boxing history. After regaining the title against George Foreman in "The Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire one year earlier, Ali had successfully defended the belt three times within three months against what were considered lesser opponents. The time was then at hand for the ultimate showdown pitting Ali against Frazier in the "rubber match", given the fact that their previous two landmark fights had been split. Ali quickly dubbed the fight "the Thrilla in Manila" a name which the media immediately picked up and helped become a phrase recognized around the world to this day. As reigning Champion, Ali was guaranteed six million dollars for the fight, more than double that of ôSmokinö Joe. In the days leading up to the bout, the rhetoric exchanged by the fighters was particularly nasty. On the morning of October 1, 1975 (the fight took place at 10:45 a.m. to suit US viewers) 25,000 people crowded the Philippines Coliseum in Quezon City, six miles outside Manila, hoping for a great fight between a legendary stylist and a world renowned slugger. Boxing fans know the rest. The resulting fight is always included in "top ten" lists of the greatest fights of all time. The ebb and flow between fighters was the stuff movies are made of. The end of the monumental battle took place when, in the break before the last round, Frazier's trainer Eddie Futch stopped the fight. Too dominating, too far ahead had Ali been on the scorecards; too handicapped was Joe in terms of his vision to have any chance of winning. Moments after the fight was over, Ali fainted in his corner. No one knows whether he could have resumed the fight. Ali was later quoted that he had been ready to quit if Joe had not. Angelo Dundee said after the fight: "Both guys ran out of gas, only my guy had an extra tank. Both Frazier and Al fought to their absolute limit and maybe beyond. Joe's eyes were still shut hours after the fight. Ali's body showed conspicuous signs of the battle, with hematomas and bruises and swellings everywhere as a result of "punches that would have knocked down a house" as Joe later put it. Ali is supposed to have told Angelo Dundee during the fight that this was "the closest to dying" he had ever been. This auction lot contains Joe Frazier's actual original contract that the fighter signed for the "Thrilla in Manila". It is ten legal pages long and dated April 2, 1975. The agreement is drawn between Don King Productions, Inc. (as promoter) and Smokin Joe Inc for a "15 round to a decision bout." The contract is initialed on each page by Don King and Bruce Wright (for Smokin Joe Inc.) and counter-signed and approved at the end by Joseph (Joe) Frazier, Don King, and Bruce Wright. (Estimate on Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 290 Joe Frazier's Thrilla in Manila Belt. When Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier came together for their third rematch in 1975 in Manila, it was considered by some to be the greatest fight in history. Both fighters brought a determination and passion to the ring, and although Ali took the fight, both men had fought like gladiators and Ali was heard to say that the fight was the closest he had ever come to death and had considered throwing in the towel himself had Frazier's corner not called the fight because of Frazier's wounds. Because both men had fought so relentlessly and valiantly both Ali and Frazier were given belts by The Ring magazine to commemorate the Thrilla in Manila fight. (Joe Frazier's name appears three times on the belt. One of the spellings is incorrect, with Frazier spelled "Fraizer". Muhammad Ali's name also appears three times.) Back in the 1960s and the early 1970s, actual, physical boxing championship belts were not automatically given and if so, they were paid for and presented by fight sponsors. The Ring magazine, which was first published in 1922, was the premier boxing magazine at the time. (Estimate on Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 291 1970 Joe Frazier's World Heavyweight Championship Belt awarded by RING MAGAZINE. Smokin Joe Frazier, who was the first heavy weight Olympian Gold Medalist from the United States, went on to become a World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion. (Note: Ali won the Olympic medal for light heavyweight, not heavyweight). Frazier won the Olympic Gold Medal after defeating the German Hans Huber in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. When Muhammad Ali was stripped of his belt for refusing to be inducted into the Armed Forces, the World Boxing Association (WBA) decided to hold an elimination tournament. The Frazier camp declined the WBA's invitation to participate in this elimination tournament and instead continued on the course that had already been laid out by Yank Durham for Frazier to win the World Championship belt. Because of his display of skills against some tough opponents, both the New York Boxing Commission and the European boxing community regarded Joe Frazier as the world champion and disavowed the WBA elimination tournament which eventually declared Jimmy Ellis as the WBA world champion. In what was considered a unification bout to merge the WBA and New York Boxing Commission/European championships, the undefeated Olympic Gold Medalist Joe Frazier won a TKO (technical knock out) against Jimmy Ellis at the end of the fourth round, at Madison Square Garden on February 16, 1970. Frazier delivered a left hook at the end of the 4th round dumping Ellis on his back. Ellis barely got up on the count of 9 after the bell but when the bell sounded for the 5th round EllisÆ manager Angelo Dundee stopped the fight. Back in the 1960s and the early 1970s, actual, physical boxing championship belts were not automatically given and if so, they were paid for and presented by fight sponsors. The Ring Magazine awarded the official belt for the World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship to Joe Frazier for the February 1970 unification match against Jimmy Ellis. The Ring magazine , which was first published in 1922, was the premier boxing magazine at the time. For unknown reasons, the inscription on the official Ring Magazine championship belt presented to Joe Frazier for the February 1970 Frazier vs. Ellis fight incorrectly describes Frazier's win as occurring in the 15th round by decision, rather than the actual 4th round TKO win.* (Estimate on Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 292 Joe Frazier's World Boxing Council (WBC) World Championship Belt. Although the official boxing commissions fully acknowledged Frazier as the official World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion after his defeat of Ellis in 1970, the public relations war waged by Muhammad AliÆs camp cast a shadow on Frazier's status because he had never fought and defeated the exiled Ali. That situation was remedied on March 8, 1971, when Frazier met and defeated Ali at Madison Square Garden in what was billed as the "Fight of the Century". Both fighters went into this match undefeated. The fight swung back and forth with Frazier being insistent. Ali was rocked badly in the 11th and floored by a left hook in the final round. The knockdown cemented Frazier's unanimous decision win over Ali and removed any ambiguity that Frazier earned the belt as World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion. Frazier successfully defended and held his world championship belt from February 16, 1970 through January 22, 1973 when he lost it to George Foreman. The WBC started in 1963 as a competitor to the WBA, with the hope of improving professional boxing standards and safety. The very first championship belts awarded by the WBC went respectively to Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali because they were the first major champions holding the belt during the period after a decision was made to issue belts. Commemorative belts were also given to each of these men to acknowledge the full tenure of their championship. (i.e, Joe Frazier û 1970 to 1973). The massive center medallion is powerfully engraved ôWORLD CHAMPION, WBC. The medallion to the right features the name "World Boxing Council" over an image of Muhammad Ali and the name "Ali" below. The medallion to the left features the name "World Boxing Council" over an image of Joe Louis and the name "Louis" below. The belt is mounted in a lucite case which contains a plaque that reads: Smokin Joe Frazier, Heavyweight Champion of the World, 1968 - 1973. Please Note:We would like to make the buyer of Joe Frazier's extraordinary WBC World Championship Belt aware that with the purchase of the belt comes the provision that for one week a year, the belt must be loaned back to Mr. Frazier for the purpose of displaying it in conjunction with an annual fund raiser for the non-profit Frazier's Golden Gloves. The details of the annual loan will be worked out between Mr. Frazier and the buyer following the purchase. Should potential buyers have questions about this, please contact Guernsey's prior to the auction. The owner could be credited with a tax-deductible contribution in connection with this display. (Estimate on Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 293 Joe Frazier's Leather Everlast Heavy Punching Bag. Perhaps the most well known object one envisions when imagining a gym designed for fighters in training is the heavy bag (heavy punching bag.) This is the bag used to simulate the opponent; it, along with the smaller "speed" bag, provides the target a fighter in training aims for. The heavy bag absorbs the blows. It is an essential element in the fighter's regimen. This bag must be considered one of the most important in boxing history. As Joe Frazier's heavy bag, it was the bag on which he trained prior to taking the world heavyweight crown from Jimmy Ellis. Indeed, it was the bag used to train for his many fights, and of course, it was the bag Smokin Joe used in training for his three landmark battles with Muhammad Ali. Following Joe's ring career, the bag had been removed to his home and covered in protective canvas. When preparations for this auction began, the canvas - which had begun to mildew - was removed to reveal the original surface. Remarkably, the original leather surface is in extremely fine condition. It sports the Everlast logo on its side and the stenciled number 4520 on its top. It is approximately 43" tall. Joe Frazier has autographed the Everlast logo in red ink. (Estimate on Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 294 In 1970, when Muhammad Ali returned to the ring following his forced hiatus when the United States government stripped him of his heavyweight championship crown for refusing to serve in the military, he became the subject of massive public and media attention. When exposed to the public, women grabbed at his clothing while the paparazzi could not have been more voracious. He was clearly the most controversial figure in America. Increasingly, Ali sought the solitude necessary for him to properly train for upcoming fights. Few were aware how intensely Ali prepared for his fights, totally committing himself both physically - and mentally - to the difficult encounters in the ring that lay ahead. Making his longings for peace and quiet known to his friends, a gentleman from Reading, Pennsylvania (who had gotten entry to Ali as a result of sitting in the front row of all of the Champ's fights) suggested that he could provide the setting where Ali could train away from the harassing mobs. As a result of this offer, Ali ended up training for his first come back fights at a mink farm in Reading owned by the aforementioned gentleman. Finding the country setting to his liking, Muhammad Ali then sought to develop a real training camp in the countryside. Twenty minutes from Reading, Pennsylvania (30 minutes from Allentown, one hour from Philadelphia and a two drive from New York City), Ali found a five acre site on a Pennsylvania country road in the village of Deer Lake. (On a map, the location can more easily be found by looking for ôOrwigsburgö.) On this site, Muhammad carved out what was to become his training camp, the camp where he lived and trained for all the many fights he had from 1972 up until the end of his career in the 1980's, fights that included two of the three classics bouts with Joe Frazier and the legendary match-up with George Foreman in Zaire. (Ali retained the camp until 1997 when he sold it to his friend and current owner, a gentleman who was with the Champ from the day Ali first saw the site to virtually all the days it was used as a training camp.) The camp Ali created stands today in virtually the same condition it was in when the Champ was there. It contains eighteen rustic structures (most are of log cabin construction) that range from his gym and dining hall to Muhammad's family home and the separate home - both with substantial stone fireplaces - he lived in (apart from his family) in the immediate months prior to his fights. There are individual small cabins that visitors stayed in and bunk halls that housed sparring partners. There is a five stall barn for the horses that Ali loved (there were always horses there as well as a donkey); there is also the building Ali had built as a small mosque. Improvements in recent times have primarily come in the form of new roofs, floors and added insulation (making the structures more livable in the cold months.) Indeed, the camp can be described as in ômove-inö condition. In its current format (consistent with the way it was laid out by Ali), the camp can provide sleeping accommodations for approximately one hundred people. Photographs adorn some of the wallsàphotos that depict the Champ in training and some of the many celebrated athletes, movie stars and other accomplished people who visited with Ali at the camp. There are many objects within the camp that would have great collector value where they to be separated and sold. Fortunately these items - including personal articles and furniture used by Ali and his family and even the deed that Ali signed - will remain with the property and will be included with the sale of the camp. When the camp was first being set up, large boulders were brought in to protect cars from rolling down a steep slope adjacent to the parking area. Muhammad Ali's father, a painter by trade, looked at the boulders and - with guidance by his son - started painting the names of legendary fighters (and his manager - Angelo Dundee) boldly on these massive rocks. Those vividly painted names remain to this day and stand as testament to the extraordinary events that, in many cases, originated at this camp. The names include Jack Johnson, Floyd Patterson, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray (Robinson) and Joe Louis plus many others. One boulder - the one painted with Sonny Liston's name - will be offered for sale as a separate lot in this auction (Lot 295). All of the other boulders will remain with the property, and are included with the purchase of the camp. Over the years, thousands visited the camp where they watched Ali in training and mingled with leading figures of the time. A short list of some who came would include virtually all the greats associated with the fight game along with celebrities ranging from Sylvester Stallone (who was rumored to have lived at the camp while writing Rocky), Andy Warhol, Howard Cosell (the staunch Ali defender who conducted many of his famous interviews there) and Elvis Presley. (When Elvis and Ali walked into a local antiques shop, the dealer nearly fainted!) Fighters who trained there included Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Holmes, and in later years, a young Mike Tyson. Indeed, a number of sparring partners of Ali achieved recognition simply being associated with the Champ. Mr. ôTö of television fame, started out as a body guard of Ali at the camp. As part of his training regimen, Ali ran on the local country roads, sparred in the gym and studied films of past and then current great fighters. He utilized scientific techniques in honing his physical skills, mapping out how he would fight his next opponent. For example, in training for the Joe Frazier fights, Ali used three sparring partners, each possessing an attribute of Frazier. He often spoke of Jack Johnson - the remarkable African American heavyweight champion from a century before who had to fight great prejudice as well as other fighters to achieve his crown - as the greatest fighter who ever lived. At the camp prior to the Foreman fight in Zaire, Ali perfected the successful technique of defense that was later to be called "rope-a-dope." His methods were hardly left to chance. The camp is ready for a new owner. It is in excellent condition, complete with all the history - and many of the artifacts - that remain from Ali's days there. The camp's rural flavor combined with its relative proximity to major cities suggests that it might have many possible uses. While it would be left to the camp's new owner to determine its future use, possibilities include a museum, a corporate or personal retreat, or an inspirational center to benefit urban youth in need of guidance and direction. Whatever its future, as it stands today, the Muhammad Ali Training Camp is a wonderful and historic place rich with the memory of one of this centuries greatest icons - surely one of the most significant and inspirational properties that could ever be offered for sale. (Estimate Upon Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 295 The Sonny Liston Boulder from the Muhammad Ali Training Camp. Muhammad Ali was the focus of massive media attention in the late 1960s. Although one would believe that his high profile antics with journalists suggested a man who coveted this attention, in truth there were many times he required a respite from the crowds. Dedicated to a strict training regimen, he eventually took up an offer to train on a mink ranch near Reading, Pennsylvania. Finding the solitude of the country very much to his liking, he then sought out a permanent place for his family and boxing entourage where he could comfortably train. His hunt lead to buying the property that became known as the Deer Lake, Pennsylvania Training Camp. (In truth, the Camp is located outside of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania.) The Camp was made from the wooded site where a clearing was created for the eighteen rustic structures Ali was to build. What became quickly evident was that there were several areas where sever drop-offs existed; in other words, due to the somewhat vertical terrain, there were areas that were dangerous to any who approached. One of those areas was designated as a small parking lot for cars. With concerns that a car might roll off the cliff, Ali ordered at a large boulder be brought to the property from many miles away. (Despite the fact that the area was rocky, there were no suitably large boulders on the property.) The boulder was strategically placed and solved the problem. In time, other parts of the property required similar protection and more boulders were brought in. Increasingly becoming surrounded by these large, almost menacing looking grey stones, Ali had an idea, paint them! At the time, Muhammad's father - a painter by trade - was living at the Camp. Accustomed to creating interesting scenes for murals and signs, the painter/artist came up with the notion by painting - in bright colors - the names of great fighters, past and present. Names including Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Robinson starting appearing. The idea so appealed to Ali that it wasn't long before he brought in twenty five boulders to surround the perimeter of the property. Each one of these boulders sported a legendary name. In rapid order, this unique outdoor ornamentation became known to fight fans universally. Today, the boulders remain, standing as sentries to the cabins, gym, homes and dining hall that still very much is the Muhammad Ali Deer Lake Training Camp being offered in this auction. In an effort to offer a single unique element from this historic site to a member of the public not interested in owning the entire Camp, one boulder is being offered separately. The boulder features the name of the opponent credited for rocketing Muhammad Ali's career into stardom Sonny Liston. All fight fans know of the legendary first championship fight that a young Cassius Clay, a major underdog, had with the fearsome Sonny Liston. In respect to his opponent, Ali - years later - asked that a boulder be dedicated to the former Champion. The Sonny Liston boulder is now being offered as one of the most unique items ever to come to auction. The boulder is being sold F.O.B. the Ali Training Camp. It is a two and half hour drive from New York City and about an hour from Philadelphia. Just as the boulders were trucked into the Camp, they can be removed by proper equipment. The approximate dimensions are 4' h, 6' wide, 8' long. (Estimate on Request) DNS
See a Picture of this Item 295a Muhammad Ali Painting from Ali's Deer Lake Training Camp. Macson A. Leathergood (artist), 1974, approx, 21" x 28", acrylic on board. Vividly colored montage of the Champ in postures both in and out of the ring. Includes "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" and references to Ali sending a "message to the Blackman". This striking original work of art greatly appealed to Muhammad and hung in his training camp from the mid 1970's until a few years ago. Newly framed. ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 296 Muhammad Ali Camp Training Room Plank. The Deer lake Training Camp - the very same Camp being offered in this auction - was the Camp Ali whittled out of the Pennsylvania woods and which became a mecca for great athletes, personalities from the world of entertainment, politicians and fight enthusiasts. It was at the Camp that Ali trained, lived with his family and psyched himself for the fights that lay ahead. It was where accomplished trainer Angelo Dundee applied his managing skills, where Drew Bundini Brown produced his magic and Howard Cosell spun his yarns. Although the written words of the great Muhammad Ali are truly hard to find, this lot consists of a single plank of wood recently removed from the training room of the Camp when a minor alteration to the room proved necessary. On this plank, Ali recorded his training regimen for an upcoming bout. (At the time this catalogue is going to press, it has not been determined which fight he was training for although research is continuing.) The Champ recorded his road work, ring work, shadow boxing, etc. Few understood the dedicated training schedule Ali adhered to. These words, written in his own hand, give a glimpse of the glory days of a man who will live in sports history forever. Approximate dimensions: 72" x 9" with Muhammad Ali's handwritten notes over much of its length. ((Estimate on Request) $1,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 297 Muhammad Ali Deer Lake Training Camp Door with Poem. Perhaps more than for any other reason, a young Cassius Clay became a public figure through his brash poetry, mouthed any chance he could get in front of the media. Slogans including "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" became his trademark, as did his poetic predictions of rounds when his opponents would fall. As the young fighter matured (and changed his name), the now Muhammad Ali became very much a family man who treasured his quiet moments away from the crowds. In large part, this is why he created the Deer Lake Training Camp being offered at this auction. It was a sober time at the Camp when Ali heard of the death of a dear friend. With pen in hand, he recorded his thoughts in poetic form on a wooden door within his gym. "Bub" All the wealth In the world cannot buy a friend; Or pay for the loss of one!!! Ali". Years ago, the Camp's current owner - recognizing the importance of a handwritten poem by Ali (and other writings on the door that may or may not have been written by the Champ) removed the door for safe keeping. One could only imagine the sense of loss one might have felt had the door been painted over in some well intended refurbishing effort. Fortunately, that has never happened but given the fact that the door had already been removed, it is being offered at this auction separate from Camp from where it came. (Estimate on Request) $3,600.00
See a Picture of this Item 298 Rocky Marciano Card with Record of Achievement (fight record). Four page card autographed on the inside "Rocky Marciano". 7 1/4" x 4" folded. NM. Also included: two Rocky Marciano postcards. ($500.00-$750.00) $450.00
See a Picture of this Item 299 Three Printed Items relating to Rocky Marciano. a. Photo of Rocky hitting a heavy bag on cardboard. 7" x 4 1/4". Autographed in pen "Best of Luck Rocky Marciano". b. 8 page pamphlet highlighting the career of Rocky, VG. c. Same 8 page pamphlet as above but in poor condition. This pamphlet is autographed in ink on front but part of signature has been damaged. ($800.00-$1,000.00) $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 300 Rocky Marciano Billfold. Brown leatherette billfold with plastic fold out for photographs. Billfold has gold ink lettered actual signature of Rocky Marciano and his address (Harlan Circle, Brockton, MA). Handwritten lettering has partially eroded from handling but is still legible. Inside billfold is an original snapshot of Rocky's wife Barbara and daughter, Mary Anne. ($400.00-$600.00) $275.00
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