Internet/Phone Auction

March 2019 Internet/Phone Auction

Closing Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Initial Bidding Ends at 10pm ET With Bidding Continuing For 20 Minute Intervals

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Welcome to the Internet/Phone Auction division. This section will allow you to view the entire online catalogue and place bids for our March 2019 Sportscard and Memorabilia Internet/Phone Auction closing Wednesday, March 13th. Unlike our Live Catalogue auctions our Internet/Phone Division auctions require a valid username and password in order to place bids.

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Capital Comics Center Comic Book Collection - FINAL OFFERING
Lots 401-500 are part of the Capital Comics Center comic book collection out of Alexandria, Virginia. Capital Comics Center was a main staple in the town of Alexandria for decades, offering comics from the Golden Age to the Modern Age. This first offering is only a fraction of the approximately 250,000 comics that comprise the collection. Much of the collection has been stored away since the early 1990s, and is high grade unsold store stock that has been stored in original publisher shipping boxes. Issues from just about every publisher seem to be present, including many key issues from the 1960s to 1990s.

Lots 990-1079 originate from the Photo File Archive of Historic Baseball Photography. This collection is being is largely comprised of original baseball images from the period of 1910-1940 originating from the archives of The Ring Magazine. Founded in 1922 by Nat Fleischer, The Ring Magazine chronicled the golden age of boxing and in addition to other sports as the pre-eminent entertainment in the country during that time period. Since its inception in 1987, Photo File has developed into the premier representative agency for sports related photography in the country. With regard to quality and quantity this significance of this particular collection cannot be overstated.

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