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  Lot Number Item Description Est. Price Range Sold For Price
See a Picture of this Item 801 Lot of two Spalding miniature souvenir baseball gloves c.1920’s. Unused blond leather baseman’s mitt and fielder’s glove with silver Spalding logo stamp and “Charles M. Howatt Radio City New York” stamped in palm. Virtually no age wear or toning, 5” tall each: NM $400.00-$600.00 $400.00
  802 Early paper baseball broadside c.1900. Large 20”x 28” unused broadside for game between the “Websters” and unnamed team at Webster, NY. Clean eye appeal with typical Victorian block lettering: EX-MT $375.00-$575.00 $50.00
  803 Joe Cronin AL baseball with box c.1959-73. Clean white unused ball with well cared for opened box: EX/MT-NM $150.00-$200.00 $110.00
See a Picture of this Item 804 William Harridge AL baseball with box c. 1956-59. Clean unused ball with slightly worn box: Ball: NM, Box: EX $500.00-$600.00 DNS
See a Picture of this Item 805 Ford Frick NL baseball with U.S. Naval stampings c.1934-45. Clean off white ball with bold stampings, “U.S.N.” stamped above trademark: EX-MT $250.00-$350.00 $200.00
See a Picture of this Item 806 Joe Cronin AL baseball sealed in orig. box c.1959-73: NM-MT $175.00-$250.00 $125.00
  807 Official AL baseball c.1920’s. Red and blue stitched ball with no President’s stamp, shows moderate usage wear: VG $100.00-$150.00 $250.00
  808 1919 AL baseball with U.S. Naval team player names. Red and blue stitched ball by Reach with period ink names of Naval players and “Victory” in fountain pen. Signed at a game between the Navy Yard team and the Atlantic team: VG $100.00-$175.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 809 Rare William Harridge AL baseball c.1931-34. Red and blue stitched ball with some light age toning in areas, seldom offered style of Harridge ball: EX $400.00-$500.00 $550.00
See a Picture of this Item 810 Rare Ernest Barnard AL baseball with box c.1927-31. Red and blue stitched ball with light to moderate soiling, box lid is detached and sides have some tears: Ball: VG-EX, Box: GD-VG $500.00-$600.00 $625.00
  811 Spalding “Boys Professional” model baseball c.1900-10. 3/4 size figure eight style ball with faded stampings and blue stitching: GD/VG-VG $100.00-$140.00 $25.00
See a Picture of this Item 812 John Heydler NL baseball / Piedmont League variation sealed in its’ orig. box c.1925-34. Clean decorative box retains intact yellow paper seal, has black ink fasc. stamp of Pied. League President on seal: EX/MT-NM $700.00-$900.00 $875.00
See a Picture of this Item 813 Rare Oct. 27, 1909 Pitt. Pirates commemorative banquet souvenir baseball. Early Spalding red stitched baseball with impressed black lettering denoting a tribute to Barney Dreyfuss, President of the World Champions Pirates. Ball has banquet menu printed on panels incl. tongue in cheek titles such as “Tiger Soup” and “Deacon Coffee”. Has some light age toning and is clear coated in the period: EX $650.00-$850.00 $700.00
See a Picture of this Item 814 Scarce Spalding Babe Ruth “Home Run Special” baseball in photographic box c.1930’s. Spalding No. 3RC red and blue stitched ball with very bold stampings incl. fasc. Ruth auto., ball remains in light cream color and amazingly very faint vestiges of New York Yankee signatures are visible incl. Ruth and Gehrig as the ink used apparently did not take to the ball. Box is complete and intact featuring a photo of Ruth on side panel, has a few creases and an abrasion on bottom. One of the toughest player endorsed baseballs in box to locate: Ball: EX, Box: VG-EX $1,250.00-$1,500.00 $1,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 815 Warren Giles Cincinnati Reds souvenir baseball in orig. box. Near white baseball with Giles fasc. signature on sw. spot along with Cincinnati Reds. Box has some wear but is intact incl. partial paper seal: Ball: NM, Box: GD/VG-VG $250.00-$350.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 816 Lemon peel style baseball c.1860-70. Dark brown ball with finely executed double stitch configuration, 8” circumference with slight repair to area of stitching: VG-EX $500.00-$600.00 $450.00
See a Picture of this Item 817 Lemon peel style baseball c.1850-70. Four piece medium brown ball with desirable original surface, 8” circumference: EX ($500.00-$700.00) $500.00-$700.00 $800.00
See a Picture of this Item 818 Lemon peel style baseball c.1850-70. Four piece light brown ball with double stitch configuration, 8” circumference with nice orig. surface: EX $500.00-$700.00 $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 819 Rare April 2,1914 Brooklyn Dodgers Opening Day game used baseball. Toned Official National League baseball with period notations identifying this ball as being as being hit into the stands by Brooklyn third baseman Red Smith and retrieved by John F. Kemp of Brooklyn, NY. Other notations read as follows, “Souvenir of First Game of Season at Ebbets Field Brooklyn April 2,1914 Score Brooklyn-4 N.Y. Americans-3 in 10 innings”. Also noted on another panel that Wheat hit a home run into the stands, notation regarding Red Smith’s foul ball was gone over in period ink some time ago. Great historic Brooklyn related piece from the era: VG-EX $1,500.00-$2,500.00 $900.00
See a Picture of this Item 820 Significant 1905 World Series game used baseball. Toned and clear coated vintage baseball with barely visible markings that was fouled off by Seybold into the stands and caught by A.R. Rabe. Handsome calligraphy style notations incl. “1905 World Championship” and “Matty in the Box, Final Game, N.Y. Nat’l-2 Phila. Am.-0”. Ball was apparently retrieved from the clinching game of the second World Series as Mathewson defeated Bender and the powerful Athletics for his third victory of the Series: EX $1,750.00-$2,500.00 $3,300.00
  821 Reach spider style catcher’s mask c.1900-10. Clean mask retaining all orig. leather padding, forehead pad and strapping, and deep impressed Reach stamp on chin pad: EX-EX/MT $250.00-$350.00 $260.00
See a Picture of this Item 822 Fine 1887 Utica BBC folk art decorated cane and related carte de visite. Finely crafted knob handled cane with intricate carved decor incl. Spalding ball, floral bouquet, early baseball belt, team letter symbols, player names, and a wonderful tiny baseball diamond with game scene. Presented to President and manager David Dishler in honor of winning the championship of the International League for 1887. Noted on cane as being presented to Dishler by Sam W. Wise who played in the National League for several years during the 1880’s. Certainly one of the finer pieces of baseball related folk art that we have handled: EX-MT. Accompanied by a CDV of the Utica BBC c.1878 picturing the team posed in full uniform with bib front jerseys. Seated in center is David Dishler in street clothes, most likely pictures other team members who are listed on the cane. Marked L.C. Mundy photo., Utica on back; has some wear to edges of mount while retaining excellent photographic contrast: EX $3,000.00-$4,000.00 $2,900.00
  823 Victor Wright & Ditson model fielder’s glove c.1910-15. Large adult size glove retains orig. tag on backstrap, shows moderate usage wear: VG $75.00-$95.00 $25.00
See a Picture of this Item 824 Unusual vintage baseball fielder’s glove c.1920’s. Buckle back RHT glove with reinforced and ventilated thumb and pointer fingertips. Interior has ‘layered’ padding and ball well, no visible mfg. marks: VG-EX $150.00-$250.00 $75.00
See a Picture of this Item 825 Goldsmith buckle back baseman’s mitt c.1910-15. High quality white leather RHT glove with clean tag and buckle strapping, interior shows moderate usage and toning to pocket. Very attractive early glove: EX $400.00-$600.00 $300.00
  826 Reach youth size baseball glove c.1908. 1” web RHT fielder’s glove retaining orig. Reach stampings, 1908 Pat. date, and brass button. 8” tall: EX $175.00-$250.00 $60.00
See a Picture of this Item 827 Rare Ty Cobb brand catcher’s mitt c.1915. Mfg. by Jarvis Co. this example is a two-toned leather and olive canvas glove retaining orig. form, surface, and clean Ty Cobb brand tag on back. Has light overall usage wear: EX $800.00-$1,100.00 $475.00
See a Picture of this Item 828 Rare Stuffy McInnis store model baseball glove c.1915-25. Remarkably clean example in unused condition retaining Stall & Dean label on back along with buckle strapping and buckle style web. Interior is equally clean with bold fasc. signature and “Speed Up” model by Stall & Deam stamping: EX/MT-NM $900.00-$1,200.00 $900.00
See a Picture of this Item 829 Pristine Horace Partridge Co. black leather fielder’s glove c.1910-15. Stunning supple black leather glove with 1” web and large Partridge Co. tag on back. Interior is gleaming with clearly legible stampings and model #19W. It is difficult to conceive that this glove is over 80 years old: NM $750.00-$1,000.00 $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 830 Workman’s style crescent padded glove c.1890-1900. Adult size RHT glove with full 2” web retains good interior form with pronounced crescent pad, has a tiny separation at top of middle finger and a small area of loose stitching at base of middle finger. Back is has typical age wear with a small portion of the interior asbestos padding missing and wear to label which appears to be Spalding although unclear: VG $1,000.00-$1,250.00 $775.00
  831 Lot of two early 1900’s wooden tennis rackets. D&M model with gilt Lucky Dog logo and Iver Johnson Sptg. Goods “Harvard” model with gilt logo and title. Each have wear incl. punctures to the mesh but both are clean otherwise: VG-EX $125.00-$150.00 $10.00
  832 Misc. box lot of vintage baseball news articles and photographs c.1900-30. Includes full Oct. 1912 newspaper regarding 1912 W. Series: Range PR-EX along with a photographic baseball silk pillowtop c.1910. 16” square pink case with black and white team photo of “Woodruff” baseball team: VG $50.00-$75.00 $30.00
See a Picture of this Item 833 Rare Spalding baseball cardboard die cut counter advertising sign c.1915. Graphic display with 1908 Patent date glove holding a National League baseball, 14” tall retaining orig. cardboard easel backstand. Colors remain very bold and attractive, has some lt. wear to bottom edge and some light dirt spotting on front which could possibly be cleaned. Back has slightly heavier dirt spotting, marked Carl Percy litho. at bottom: EX $1,000.00-$1,400.00 DNS
  834 1926 “Homestead CMC” baseball team panoramic photograph. Black and white image of the team in uniform posed in a line in front of building, “Spalding Champions 1926” printed in bottom margin. 10”x27” framed, marked Fisher photo. at bottom with some portions of the image adhered to the glass: GD-VG $125.00-$200.00 $60.00
See a Picture of this Item 835 Fine D&M spider style catcher’s mask with throat protector and forehead pad c.1890-1910. Full adult size mask must have been a frightening sight to an oncoming fastball. Very clean overall with very little usage wear, retains all orig. interior padding and head strapping which has D&M cloth label with Lucky Dog logo. One connection of head strapping and one connection of forehead strapping have been reattached some time ago: EX-EX/MT $700.00-$900.00 $900.00
  836 Unusual child’s bat boy uniform c.1900. Linen shirt and pants with red and white vertical striping, retains orig. brass buttons and has remains of lettering on front which read, “Red Sox” most likely added some time later. Includes Victorian bent wire dress form on cast brass base. Interesting overall display: VG-EX $275.00-$375.00 $100.00
  837 Lot of (8) early baseball related photographs c.1890-1930. Includes individual player and team cabinet photos, sizes range from 3”x5” to 6”x8”: Range VG-NM $250.00-$325.00 $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 838 Lot of two early baseball sporting goods paper pieces. Includes 1883 Lyman & Curtiss Spring equipment catalogue, (8) page thin stock blue paper catalogue with illustrations of early Spalding baseballs, fingerless gloves , and other equipment: EX along with a 1912 Reach salesman trade booklet featuring (15) pages of equipment, trade signs, trophies, and other Reach materials with suggested pricing and selling pointers: EX-MT $300.00-$400.00 $140.00
  839 Lot of (5) vintage baseball related photographs c.1890-1930. Includes individual player and team cabinet photos, all are in uniform with sizes ranging from 3”x5” to 6”x8”: Range VG/EX-NM $150.00-$225.00 $80.00
  840 1911 Spalding baseball guide. Features an attractive two player illustration on cover and composite arrangement of A’s and Cubs on back cover: VG-EX $100.00-$140.00 $110.00
  841 Lot of (4) early baseball related publications. Includes 1919 “Spalding Journal of American Sports” with great illustrative cover, 1933 and 1934 Reach AL baseball guides, and 1915 Spalding baseball guide: Range VG-EX/MT $250.00-$350.00 $70.00
  842 1888 Hoyle’s games rule book. Small soft cover guide published by a Detroit area Dept. store with various games and their rules. Includes a section on baseball that uses Detroit players as models such as Brouthers, Thompson, and Rowe: EX $275.00-$375.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 843 California Baseball league broadside c.1880’s. Paper sign advertising the Championship Games of the California League to be played between the G&M’s and Pioneers. Features a three player illustrative scene in center with green and red tinted lettering. Has some edge wear and a few tape repaired tears but remains in very displayable condition, 6-1/2”x 13” marked Francis, Valentine & Co., San Francisco at bottom: GD/VG-VG $600.00-$800.00 $825.00
See a Picture of this Item 844 Diamond Brand baseball scorecard c.1915. Fold-out scorecard in unused condition featuring litho. game scene on front. Issued by J.Cooner & Sons, S. Carolina: EX-MT $60.00-$80.00 $45.00
  845 1905 “The Goal” color litho. football supplement print. Issued by the Associated Sunday Magazines, Inc. picturing a handsome early player in uniform holding a melon style ball courting a well-dressed young lady. Printed after a Will Greefe illustration and dated 1905, 13”x17” matted and framed in ornate Victorian oak frame with floral gilt edge: EX $275.00-$375.00 $270.00
See a Picture of this Item 846 Superb University of Chicago football pennant c.1900-05. Large 33” long pennant from the early Collegiate football powerhouse featuring a player in full union suit running with melon style football. “Chicago” in script white lettering to the right of graphics and retains orig. tassels, has very light wear given age and fragility incl. a few small edge tears and some tiny stitching removal holes on edges where it was at one point stitched onto something: EX $800.00-$1,200.00 $525.00
  847 1914 Mechanics Art football team panoramic photograph. Early Boston area football team photograph picturing full team in uniform lined up on field. Various early helmet styles are visible incl. flat top and rain cap, 8”x35” framed. Marked S.Arakelyan photo., Boston at lwr. rt.: EX-MT $275.00-$375.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 848 Lot of baseballs in box and empty display boxes. Includes (2) MacGregor Little League baseballs sealed in box c.1960’s; Wilson Little League baseball sealed in box c.1960’s; (2) Joe Cronin AL baseball empty boxes; Joe Cronin AL baseball empty 12 count display box, Official League “Base Balls” empty 12 count display with decorative end label, and (5) Official League “Base Balls” individual empty ball boxes: Range VG-NM $275.00-$375.00 $80.00
  849 Pair of “Agathons” baseball team composite photographic prints c.1920-21. Each issued to commemorate the World’s Semi Pro Championship team from Massillon, Ohio picturing individual player vignettes identified under image. 12”x18” framed each for years 1920 and 1921: EX $275.00-$375.00 $10.00
See a Picture of this Item 850 Horace Partridge Co. complete baseball uniform c.1910-15. High quality adult size uniform incl. jersey, pants, hat, and socks. Uniform has alternating blue and brown pinstriping and jersey retains orig. “WR” lettering on breast and “TT” lettering on left sleeve. Both jersey and pants retain orig. Partridge tag , jersey exhibits only light overall usage wear, pants have some stains and a hole at knees, and hat has some damage to interior leather band: Range VG-EX $475.00-$575.00 $150.00
  851 1966 Canadian Huskies baseball jacket. Heavy wool jacket with embroidered breast patch having a dog mascot graphic. Crossed bat and ball embroidered patch on sleeve dated 1966, snap front with Har-Al mfg. tag inside cadet style collar: EX-MT $250.00-$350.00 $80.00
See a Picture of this Item 852 Large Narragansett Beer baseball cardboard advertising sign c.1940’s. Colorful close up image of runner sliding into home plate at Fenway Park with Narragansett Beer billboard above grandstand. 24”x40” with some wear to edges incl. corner crease and small tear, missing easel backstand on reverse: VG/EX-EX $300.00-$400.00 $500.00
  853 Baby Ruth souvenir jacket from the Brooklyn Dodgers Happy Felton Hour. Cream color linen jacket with red embroidered “Baby Ruth Candy” lettering on front, back, and sleeves. Retains orig. ornately decorated brass buttons : EX $400.00-$600.00 $120.00
See a Picture of this Item 854 “SBC” baseball uniform c.1910-15. Clean white jersey and pants that at first glance appear to be a convict’s uniform retain orig. applied lettering on breast as well as Spalding tags in both jersey and pants. Very clean overall with pants having only some fraying to waistband: EX-EX/MT $300.00-$400.00 $80.00
  855 1955 Connie Mack World Series broadside. Cardboard broadside in tribute to Mack’s support of young amateur baseball players for American Baseball Congress W. Series to be played in Elkhart, Indiana. 14”x 22” with photo of Mack at top and baseball player graphic at center, has some age spotting and a pinhole at top: VG/EX-EX $125.00-$175.00 $130.00
See a Picture of this Item 856 Mickey Cochrane Lucky Strike cigarettes cardboard die cut adveising sign. c. 1920-1930’s. Attractive action pose of Cochrane in full catcher’s gear, 28” tall with some age fading, repaired creases at neck and wrist, and some general light wear incl. two pinholes. Once was part of a larger die cut advertisement, mounted and framed making for a fine display piece: VG $850.00-$1,050.00 $1,150.00
  857 Lot of two vintage baseball large format team photographs. Includes “Senators” team c.1900, young men in early tie down uniforms posed in typical studio setting. 10”x12” in orig. frame, some staining on mount: VG-EX and “UG” team photo c. 1910-15, full team in uniform posed in studio setting with equipment visible. 12”x16” matted and framed: EX-MT $250.00-$350.00 $190.00
See a Picture of this Item 858 Bib front style jersey c.1870-80’s. Deep red shirt with applied black “M” lettering on front of bib which retains its’ orig. mother of pearl buttons. “Koch & Person” tag in collar. Discovered in Western, PA several years ago along with two or three other shirts and is unclear as to whether or not they were baseball or fireman’s jerseys. Beautiful overall condition with only light wear, great visual display piece from the 19th century: EX-MT ($1,500.00-$2,000.00) $1,500.00-$2,000.00 $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 859 Rare and unique “Cap Dibble” intact baseball equipment collection and traveling suitcase c. 1915-25. Captivating lot obtained directly from the family of Cap Dibble who played for the semi-professional Oneonta, NY baseball team in the period. Offered is Dibble’ wicker mesh traveling suitcase intact with his various sports equipment to include: Oneonta baseball uniform (jersey, pants, hat, and socks). Jersey retains orig. lettering on front and Horace Partridge Co. label in collar, hat is matching maroon with no mfg. markings and socks are also maroon (moth damage). Jersey and pants are fairly clean with only minor usage wear, hat has some wear to interior. Lot also includes pair of Spalding cleats (Have some wear incl. small hole); (2) pairs of quilted sliding pads; Pair of Spalding canvas athletics shorts; leather belt, Oneonta mini pennant, baseman’s mitt (heavy usage wear), single leather knee pad, Collis ankle supporter in orig. box; photo postcard of the 1906 Oneonta baseball team; 1921 baseball illustration by Dibble, and a great homemade mechanical scorer (painted tin exterior with numerals painted on revolving wooden discs). Unique grouping providing a window in time of how the game was played in the first quarter of the 20th century: Range PR-EX/MT $1,500.00-$2,000.00 $600.00
See a Picture of this Item 860 Winchester sporting goods baseball advertising sign c.1915. Double-sided cardboard panel featuring full color baseball equipment illustrations, 18”x40” with some wear to edges. One side pictures six types of gloves, reverse has gloves, ball, bats, and catcher’s mask: EX $850.00-$1,150.00 $1,100.00
See a Picture of this Item 861 “Junior Nine” baseball hat c.1880-90’s. Rare earlywicker mesh hat with leather on mesh headband that reads “Junior Nine” flanked by crossed bat and ball decoration. One of only a handful known to exist the offered hat has some splitting in the brim, abrasion on the “N” in Nine, and some other general wear incl. edge fraying: VG $750.00-$1,000.00 $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 862 “Base Ball’ board game c.1910 by Pan American Toy Co. Popular game featuring a color litho. box top depicting a game scene with the Detroit Tigers batting (Hughie Jennings leaping at third). Top is complete and intact with only two slightly loose aprons, interior remains intact with moderate usage wear. Includes bench (w/peg holes), ball shaped top, metal player pegs, and wooden runner pegs. Missing only the scorer for completion: EX $700.00-$1,000.00 $550.00
  863 “Inside Baseball” board game c.1911-13. Slight variation of the normal tin litho. version of this game most commonly encountered with wooden sided playing field having metal spinner in center. Includes (19) small player discs of Chicago and Cincinnati players, and the rare orig. box top with printed rules on underside. Has some general age wear to box top (incl. small puncture hole from spinner), interior is fairly clean with only light to moderate usage wear: VG-EX $400.00-$600.00 $140.00
See a Picture of this Item 864 1884 “Lawson’s Patent Base Ball” card game. Deck of (36) color litho. decorated cards featuring player and equipment illustrations. Includes Rules booklet and scoring card, light to moderate usage wear: EX $450.00-$650.00 $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 865 Rare “The Diamond Game of Base Ball” board game by McLoughlin Bros., NY c.1894. Tough early game with colorful lid graphics on both top and interior. Board features built in spinner and four wooden player pegs. Missing on side apron to box top, otherwise exhibits only typical usage wear and a few period handwritten notations: VG-EX $900.00-$1,200.00 $775.00
  866 “Double Header” baseball board game in orig. box c.1920’s. Large wooden and cardboard playing field board with small wooden bat, missing ball. Includes rare orig. mailing box with title and graphics: Game: EX-MT, Box: GD $150.00-$250.00 $170.00
See a Picture of this Item 867 Football coin operated game c.1940-50’s. Wooden cased game with painted game scene graphics on backboard, lever is used to “kick” ball into desired slot. In working order although does not always accept coin on first attempt: EX $500.00-$700.00 $375.00
See a Picture of this Item 868 Rare “Army vs. Navy” football pinball machine c.1930’s. Full standing wooden pinball machine featuring painted football graphics on playing area. Army and Navy painted on the respective scoring areas, fine overall condition in working order retaining orig. legs and paint. Has a replaced lock to coin trap door which is missing key, 22” wide, 44” long, and 41” tall: EX $750.00-$950.00 $350.00
  869 African American baseball team photograph c.1910-20. Small 2-1/2”x4-1/4” sepia tone image of full team in uniforms with possible “HCG” on one sweater (Harrisburg Colored Giants?): VG-EX $100.00-$125.00 $50.00
  870 Lot of (4) vintage Negro League related photographs incl. Silvio Garcia talking to two children: Range EX-NM $100.00-$150.00 $25.00
See a Picture of this Item 871 Lot of two vintage Negro League related photographs. Each are snapshot size picturing Martin Dihigo and Minnie Minoso respectively. Dihigo is pictured in street clothes and has a vertical crease: GD-VG. Minoso is pictured in Newark Giants uniform and is a very attractive overall image: EX $100.00-$150.00 $150.00
  872 Lot of Negro League related items to include: (4) Dan Bankhead related wire photographs (pertain to Major League career), Jimmie Crutchfield auto. postcard, Earl Robinson auto. postcard, and (4) other misc. photo postcards (mostly second generation): Range EX-NM $125.00-$175.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 873 Rare photograph of the 1935 Brooklyn Eagles. Taken in the only year of their existence picturing the team in full uniform at Jacksonville, FL on April 2,1935. Includes George Giles, Ted Radcliffe, and Leon Day; marked photo by Weems lower rt. Measures 8”x 10” unmarked on back, appears to be a vintage second generation print as evidenced by the border of the original mount in bottom of the image but definitively is not a modern reproduction. Eagles merged with the Newark Dodgers and became the famous Newark Eagles under owners Effa and Abe Manley: EX $175.00-$375.00 $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 874 1932 “Red Sox” racially integrated baseball team photograph. 8”x10” sepia tone image of the team in uniform posed in outdoor setting, includes (4) African American players all posed on right side of image. Unusual and desirable image : EX-EX/MT $200.00-$300.00 $130.00
  875 Indianapolis Clowns souvenir program c.1960’s: EX $50.00-$75.00 $30.00
  876 Martin Dihigo and son vintage photograph c.1960’s. Poignant image of the great Dihigo wearing a modern era glove with his son intently listening in the background. 63/4”x11” with horizontal fold line at bottom margin, excellent imagery: EX (With note to fold) $250.00-$350.00 $275.00
  877 J.B. Martin auto. Negro League letter. Dated June 8,1943 typed letter on Negro American League stationary regarding a possible appearance in Briggs Stadium. Signed in black ink by the Martin who was President of the Negro American League: EX $200.00-$300.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 878 Lot of two Negro League auto. 3”x 5” cards. Includes Willie Wells dated 4-18-88 and Hilton Smith who also wrote, “K.C. Monarch pitcher”: EX-MT $250.00-$350.00 $200.00
See a Picture of this Item 879 Rare Turkey Stearnes auto. 3”x 5” card. Unlined white card signed by the newly elected HOF’er who led the Negro Leagues in home runs more times then any other player. Signed boldly in black ink with salutation regarding his former team the Detroit Stars, deceased 1979: EX-MT $400.00-$600.00 $800.00
See a Picture of this Item 880 Rare Norman T. Stearnes auto. 3”x 5” card. Very scarce full name signature on a lined white card along with a five line salutation incl., “..always like kids they was a favorite to me. Have a good thanksgiving-Turkey”. Great piece from a legendary player with full name and nickname signatures, deceased 1979: EX-MT $600.00-$800.00 $625.00
  881 Philadelphia Stars Negro League souvenir pennant c.1940’s. Brown background pennant with white lettering and game scene graphics at left: EX-MT $350.00-$450.00 $150.00
See a Picture of this Item 882 Rare Chet Brewer 1949 Panama passport. Brewer was an outstanding pitcher in the Negro Leagues compiling three 30 win seasons over his career. Passport has a real photo bust image of Brewer and is signed in ink under photo. Very likely candidate for the Hall of Fame in the future: EX-EX/MT $300.00-$500.00 $750.00
  883 Roy Campanella vintage photograph. 4”x 5” close up image of Campanella looking at his newly born third son in 1950: VG $75.00-$125.00 $25.00
See a Picture of this Item 884 Rare Jackie Robinson die cut cardboard advertising sign c.1950’s. Exceptional color die cut advertisement for Rheingold Beer featuring Jackie Robinson and wife Rachel. African American endorsed advertisements were few in number during the period as the social climate was still undergoing enormous change. The offered sign pictures Jackie and wife preparing to serve a large holiday dinner incl. Rheingold Beer, marked Liebmann Breweries, Inc. at lwr. left. Exhibits very minimal wear retaining orig. cardboard easel backstand. Significant baseball related advertisement is the first such example that we’ve encountered: EX/MT-NM $3,000.00-$3,500.00 $5,750.00
See a Picture of this Item 885 Cleveland Buckeyes team photograph c.1946-47. Black and white image of the team in full uniform posed in League Park incl. Jethroe, Nelson, Kellman, Williams, and manager Quincy Trouppe. 7”x 9” marked Sterling photo. on back, has some general light wear incl. some lt. surface creasing at top edge: EX $400.00-$600.00 $130.00
See a Picture of this Item 886 Rare Rube Foster original studio portrait photograph. Superb formal studio portrait of the Father of Negro League baseball Andrew “Rube” Foster who served as a player, manager, and executive in Negro League baseball from 1902 until his death in 1930. Foster was a fine player excelling at several positions but is most remembered for his managerial talents and for founding the Negro National League. The offered image shows Foster seated with program in one hand and pipe in the other. 4”x 6” marked with raised stamp of photographer A.P. Bedou, New Orleans at lower right corner. Image retains strong orig. contrast and clarity, has some wear to corners incl. pinholes: EX $1,000.00-$1,500.00 $1,400.00
See a Picture of this Item 887 Martin Dihigo auto. book. Dihigo’s personal copy of Napoleon En El Destierro, HC by O’Meara signed in blue ink on interior title page, “Propiedad de Martin Dihigo el.” Signature rates 7 out of 10 with some lt. bleeding, Dihigo is regarded as one of the finest all around baseball players in history and is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cuba, Mexico, and America. Book has some wear incl. loose spine: Book: GD, Signature: EX $500.00-$750.00 $800.00
See a Picture of this Item 888 “Historia del Base Ball Profesional de Cuba” by Raul Diez Muro. Obscure soft cover book regarding the history of professional baseball in Cuba with numerous illustrations published in 1949. Has some wear to covers incl. tape on spines: GD-VG $300.00-$400.00 $225.00
See a Picture of this Item 889 Rare 1930 Homestead Grays real photo postcard. Beautiful black and white image of the Eastern Negro League Champions taken in Hot Springs, AK. Players include Smokey Joe Williams, Judy Johnson, Jud Wilson, Oscar Charleston, and owner Cum Posey. Identified in period ink on reverse by player name incl. a full name signature of Oscar Charleston as this postcard originated from the Charleston estate. Front of postcard has a surface wrinkle that runs around perimeter edge of card from some sort of impression otherwise very clean retaining original clarity and contrast. Significant postcard with extremely rare autograph from a key team member: EX (With note to surface wrinkle) $2,000.00-$3,000.00 $4,200.00
See a Picture of this Item 890 Significant May 29,1895 Dartmouth vs. Cuban Giants scorebook. Extremely rare 19th century printed scorecard from a game played between the Dartmouth baseball team and the mighty Cuban Giants with players incl. Frank Grant, John Patterson, Clarence Williams, and James Robinson. The Cuban Giants were the first professional black baseball team in history and fielded some of the strongest teams of the 19th century. Frank Grant was regarded as one of the finest players of the era and if given the opportunity could have easily played for any Major League team but instead was run out of the International league due to his race then joining the Giants team. Unscored six page scorebook with Dartmouth schedule for 1895 (incl. another game w/Cuban Giants). One of the earliest Negro League related scorebooks extant: EX/MT-NM $1,500.00-$2,500.00 $1,750.00
  891 Dizzy Dean Falstaff Beer advertising sign c.1940-50’s. Color image of Dean endorsing Falstaff Beer, thin stock cardboard measures 17”x21”: NM $250.00-$300.00 $180.00
See a Picture of this Item 892 1895 Yale vs. Princeton football game board box lid. Color litho. game scene on cover of classic 19th century football board game by McLoughlin Bros. Retains excellent color, 10”x19” matted and framed. Box lid only: EX $200.00-$300.00 $375.00
  893 Vintage tobacco felt quilt c.1910-15. Large 49”x 52” hand stitched quilt comprised of various tobacco premium felts incl. (14) 1914 B-18 baseball blankets incl. Stengel, Doyle. Very clean overall appearance with little if any staining, archivally framed: EX-MT $500.00-$700.00 $90.00
See a Picture of this Item 894 Fine 1879 Boston BBC composite team photograph. Seldom offered format of 19th century baseball photography picturing individual vignette images of the players incl. Snyder, Bond, O’Rourke, Morrill, and manager Harry Wright. Marked C. Webster Jeffrey artist at bottom rt., 6-1/2”x 8-1/2” matted and framed. Image retains excellent contrast and clarity with a chip out of bottom left corner in a non-descript area of the image. Image surface is otherwise fairly clean with some light crazing and a surface wrinkle, mount has a period image on back which was not uncommon in the period to use old materials for new mounts: EX (With note to corner chip) $3,000.00-$4,000.00 $2,500.00
  895 1943 NY Yankees team photograph. Sepia tone team issue photo with players identified in margin at bottom, 8”x10” matted and framed: EX $75.00-$125.00 $60.00
See a Picture of this Item 896 Baseball broadside c.1905-15. Thin stock cardboard sign with attractive player illustration for game between Nanticoke and Slatedale, 14”x22” with some staining framed in period oak frame: VG $200.00-$300.00 $435.00
See a Picture of this Item 897 1929 Phila. Athletics promotional broadside. Fold-out poster issued as advertising for baseball lessons published by the Christy Walsh Syndicate picturing Phila. A’s players instructing kids how to play baseball. Players include Foxx, Simmons, Cochrane, and Grove; 19”x 27” with mailing fold lines and a chip at top right corner. Archivally framed: VG-EX $600.00-$800.00 $160.00
  898 Lot of four vintage baseball large format cabinet photographs c.1890-1920. Includes “L” team photo with uniformed players posed in studio setting; “SCF” team photo with players in uniform posed outdoors; and two Lafayette team photographs each with players in uniform posed on steps of building. Sizes range from 7”x13” to 10”x14”: Range VG-EX/MT $300.00-$400.00 $270.00
See a Picture of this Item 899 Unique Honus Wagner clay maquette c.1952. Sculpted clay bust of Honus Wagner used as a study by artist Frank Vittor for the bronze statue of Wagner that was cast and erected near Forbes Field and now stands outside of Three Rivers Stadium. The offered bust was one of the final studies done before the final statue was sculpted by the artist and remains in malleable condition with some slight deformation to one ear area. 12” tall mounted on period wooden base and accompanied by photos of the full bronze statue: EX $650.00-$950.00 $2,100.00
  900 Charlie Gehringer’s license plate. Official Michigan license plate from Gehringer’s estate, includes letter of provenance from Gehringer’s widow: EX $75.00-$125.00 $80.00
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