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  Lot Number Item Description Est. Price Range Sold For Price
See a Picture of this Item 701 “The First Innings” baseball Stevensgraph c.1870-80’s. Vibrant silk embroidery depicting an early baseball game in progress with onlooking crowd in background along with American flags. Retains rare original mount with titling and mfg. impression of Thomas Stevens. Silk is in superb condition with orig. color, mount has a few light surface wrinkles. 5”x 8” matted and framed: EX-MT $750.00-$1,000.00 $1,400.00
See a Picture of this Item 702 1911 M110 Sporting Life cabinet photo Hal Chase. Rare pastel toned image of Prince Hal throwing issued by the Sporting Life. Has a few small edge chips and spot wear to each corner otherwise clean retaining orig. color: VG-EX $600.00-$800.00 $1,200.00
See a Picture of this Item 703 1911 Sporting Life cabinet photo Nap Lajoie. Rare pastel toned image of Lajoie batting, has a few line creases and some very minor edge chips: VG $600.00-$800.00 $850.00
  704 Lot of (6) early Sporting News supplement photos c.1911-13. Includes Carrigan, Herzog, and Doyle: Range GD-VG $75.00-$125.00 $25.00
  705 Lot of (41) sepia tone photographic cards. Includes sports figures, Presidents, and actors such as (10) Babe Ruth, (9) Lou Gehrig, M.Pickford, and Herbert Hoover. 2”x 2-1/4” undated with blank backs, Ruth and Gehrig cards have been matted and framed: Range VG-NM $125.00-$175.00 $625.00
See a Picture of this Item 706 Lot of two early decorative baseball fans c.1890-1910. One features an unused scorecard front with color litho. baseball graphics around perimeter, has one corner chip and is dated 1909: VG-EX . Second fan is an illustrative of several players looking to “Find The Umpire” as titled below. Attractive scalloped edge front is very clean, back has some glue residue from scrapbook adhesion and is missing handle stick:EX $600.00-$800.00 $450.00
See a Picture of this Item 707 Unopened package of Grand Slam tobacco c.1920-30’s. Cut plug tobacco package with orig. cellophane wrapper, retains orig. tax stamp and form to the exterior package: EX-EX/MT $100.00-$150.00 $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 708 19th century baseball decorated pencil box c.1880’s. Lacquerware box with color decorative scene on lid, has only light surface wear and toning: EX $500.00-$600.00 $450.00
See a Picture of this Item 709 1933 Babe Ruth Feen-A-Mint souvenir mask. Thin stock cardboard mask of Ruth in unused condition retaining punch out nose area. Missing orig. rubber band: NM $900.00-$1,200.00 $950.00
See a Picture of this Item 710 1934 Goudey Premium Babe Ruth. Black and white image of Ruth on heavy stock cardboard retaining orig. easel backstand. Has some light wear to corners and a few surface scratches, back has small name written at bottom: VG-EX $600.00-$700.00 $650.00
  711 Lot of three vintage Goudey baseball card wrappers. Includes (2) 1934 Goudey wrappers w/Gehrig and (1) 1935 Goudey wrapper w/Ruth: Range VG-EX $200.00-$300.00 $120.00
See a Picture of this Item 712 Lot of (19) vintage baseball related photo postcards c.1890-1930. Includes a variety of teams and subject matter, majority are real photo postcards with some excellent imagery incl. some high quality team photos: Range VG-NM $500.00-$750.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 713 1912 Buck Weaver photo postcard by Max Stein. Difficult early postcard featuring three images of Weaver in collage format, unused on back: EX-MT $500.00-$750.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 714 Rare 1910 Phila. Athletics team postcard. Issued by the Sporty Postal Card Co.,NJ picturing the Champion A’s superimposed on the white elephant mascot. Very clean with bold original contrast, has a small corner crease upper rt. which has been reinforced with small piece of period tape on back. Unused on back: EX $900.00-$1,200.00 $925.00
See a Picture of this Item 715 Color litho. baseball trade card c.1870-80’s. Attractive game scene with floral decor at left, ad for jeweler in bottom margin: EX $125.00-$175.00 $130.00
See a Picture of this Item 716 1934 Detroit Tigers team photo postcard. Composite arrangement of the team incl. Cochrane, Gehringer, Greenberg, Goslin, and Bridges. Issued by Metropolitan Art Studio, has some surface wrinkling and a few areas of under exposure on left side: VG $300.00-$350.00 $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 717 Rare 1886 Lorillard Chicago team card. Early tobacco issue depicting the Chicago team in individual vignettes incl. Anson, Kelly, Sunday, Clarkson, and Williamson. Reverse features schedule for Chicago home and road games. Front is relatively clean with some minor staining and two small edge chips, back has some staining and three areas of abrasion restoration to corners: VG $1,500.00-$2,000.00 $1,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 717a Lot of two 19th century baseball related cigar box labels c.1880’s. Includes “Judgement” and “Fair Ball” each exhibiting superb color lithography, apparently were used as samples as Cigar label mfg. stamp is on back with ordering prices and quantities: EX-EX/MT $500.00-$750.00 $1,200.00
  718 1897 Phila. Phillies pocket schedule. Small foldout schedule with home and away games listed, has tape repair to center fold line: VG $75.00-$125.00 $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 719 1885 “Manhattan Pencil Tablet” decorative baseball cover. Cover page only from this early children’s writing booklet featuring a wonderful color litho. game scene of two teams with grandstand in background. Marked Acme Staionary & Paper Co. at bottom: EX $400.00-$600.00 $120.00
See a Picture of this Item 720 19th century children’s composition notebook with decorative baseball cover. Alluring period flavor exhibited on the cover with illustratives of early game scene, player, and equipment incl. gilt decorated appointments. Child owners’ name neatly penned at top margin only adds to the eye appeal, unused interior: EX-EX/MT $375.00-$575.00 $120.00
See a Picture of this Item 721 1914 Cleveland Ball Club Diary. Small leather bound with printed pages on interior incl. schedule, date book, League Park ticket prices, and stadium entrance information. Impressed gilt lettring on cover, “Compliments of C.W. Somers”: EX/MT-NM $350.00-$450.00 $160.00
See a Picture of this Item 722 Yale sports decorated sterling silver souvenir spoon c.1910. Detailed spoon with Yale insignia at top of handle under which are various pieces of early sports equipment: NM $275.00-$350.00 $160.00
See a Picture of this Item 723 “Laddie Athlete” baseball decorated pocket watch c.1930’s. Silverplated pocketwatch with engraved baseball batter on back panel, has replaced winding knob and is not running: EX $150.00-$200.00 $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 724 Rare 1913 League Park souvenir matchsafe c.1912. Metal cased matchsafe with faux tortoiseshell finish having an inset color tinted celluloid panel picturing League Park, Cleveland. Has only slight overall usage wear: EX-MT $750.00-$950.00 $675.00
See a Picture of this Item 725 1914 ‘Federals’ stud pin. Rare souvenir from the defunct Federal League has decorative lettering and equipment on front, stud style back: EX-MT $300.00-$500.00 $550.00
See a Picture of this Item 726 Pittsburgh ‘Champions’ stick pin c.1909. Attractive pennant shaped stick pin with Pittsburgh flag on top, marked Whitehead & Hoag on back. 2-1/2” tall: EX-MT $600.00-$700.00 $600.00
See a Picture of this Item 727 Lot of three items from the estate of Honus Wagner. Includes a 3”x 5” snapshot of Wagner and several other men seated in an early car c.1910; 1915 leather bound schedule book compliments of John Tener; and a great 1922 daybook issued by the Pirates to players and coaches that is completed entirely in Wagner’s hand. Interior I.D. page features a full name ink signature of Wagner along with height, birthdate, etc.; interior contents include scouting notes about players Wagner was following. Front cover has some damage and interior pages are well used but remain intact. Accompanied by a letter of provenance from gentleman who purchased the items directly from Wagner’s estate: Range GD-EX/MT $750.00-$1,250.00 $1,600.00
See a Picture of this Item 728 Fine 1916 Brooklyn Robins large format panoramic photograph. Wonderful vintage image of the National League Champions posed in full uniform in Ebbets Field incl. Robinson, Daubert, Wheat, Stengel, and Marquard. Retains vintage applied label at lower left corner denoting the NL Champs, overall size is a stunning 21”x 50” framed. Image has two heavy vertical creases on left side and some other general wear incl. corner creases, small ink marks, and some surface wrinkling but retains excellent contrast and overall appearance. Believed to have hung in Ebbets Field but we could not locate any definitive evidence to confirm that attribution. Rare early image of Brooklyn’s championship team in seldom offered size format: VG-EX $3,500.00-$5,500.00 $4,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 729 1943 Phila. Athletics Lena Blackburne road jersey. Classic grey flannel shirt with royal blue ‘A’ on breast and orig. #28 on reverse. Retains orig. stars and bars patch on left sleeve as proper tagging incl. Goldsmith collar tag and chain stitched name patch. Has appropriate light usage wear incl. small hole in front, tail was possibly shortened in the period slightly although unclear: EX-EX/MT $2,000.00-$2,500.00 $2,300.00
  730 Large Home Run cigarettes advertising banner c.1930’s. 35’x 108” canvas painted sign with graphic of a sports announcer at left side advertising Home Run cigarettes brand. Has some general age wear but displays very nicely: VG-EX $350.00-$550.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 731 “Speedy Curves” baseball cigar box c.1930’s. Elongated rectangular wooden box with interior lid label featuring baseball scene in three color design. Lid is detached rom box at hinge and has a horizontal split which has been repaired with tape: GD/VG-VG $400.00-$500.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 732 Al Simmons baseball cigar box c.1930’s. Decorative wooden box with interior lid label picturing Simmons in batting pose, label repeats on one end panel. Box is clean overall with notably fresh interior label appearance: EX-EX/MT $300.00-$400.00 $210.00
See a Picture of this Item 733 “Our Sports” decorative cigar box c. 1910. Mahogany lidded box retaining majority of its’ original tax stampings, interior lid features a handsome color litho. label with vignette scenes of various sports incl. baseball game and comically a replica of this cigar box. Interior label repeats on one side panel but has damage, otherwise very clean: EX $450.00-$650.00 $500.00
See a Picture of this Item 734 Rare “Base Ball” decorative cigar box c.1897. Breathtaking color lithographic interior lid label that we have not previously encountered of a full 19th century game scene. Box is mahogany and retains orig. dated tax stampings and end panel label which is repeat of interior label. Top of lid is slightly warped otherwise very clean overall: EX-EX/MT $1,500.00-$1,800.00 $2,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 735 “Clubdom” decorative sports related cigar box c.1901. Lidded mahogany box with interior lid label depicting three sports scenes and graphics incl. baseball and football. Retains majority of its’ original tax stampings and has attractive burned in logo on lid: EX $475.00-$675.00 $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 736 “Our Boys” baseball team photographic cigar box c.1890-1905. Wooden lidded box with interior lid featuring a sepia tone photographic label of an early team in tie down uniforms. Lid is detached from box and box exterior has been lacquered in the period. Very attractive photographic label not often seen on period boxes: VG-EX $400.00-$600.00 $500.00
See a Picture of this Item 737 Significant Honus Wagner cigar box c.1903. This Honus Wagner cigar box ranks as the most treasured of any player endorsed cigar boxes, the offered example is one of only three known examples (We sold one of the other two at our February 1998 auction for $9,900.00) and is in better condition then the example sold in our previous auction. Wooden lidded box has “Honus Wagner” nurned into top of lid surrounded by fan and star decor, front and side exterior panels repeat the impressed Wagner name as on the lid top. Interior reveals a paper lid label picturing a young Wagner on the Louisville Colonels c.1897-1899. Printed advertisement for the Honus Wagner “Supreme Cigar” in blue above image and on interior band. Image derives from the 1897-99 Henry Reccius trade card that was discovered in Louisville (Also sold in our February 1998 auction for $15,400.00). Box has some general light wear to exterior incl. losses to tax stampings and paper border, top also has some white wash residue in the wood area to the left of the Wagner name. Interior label is fairly clean with only some typical age toning, small section of paper loss in the interior box paper band under lid label. Important and desirable Wagner endorsed cigar box further documenting the fact that Wagner had no objection to endorsing tobacco products unless they were to be used on pieces that were available to young children. This example was recently discovered in the Louisville area and is being offered for the first time publicly: EX $5,000.00-$6,000.00 $7,750.00
  738 Harvard decorative cigar box c.1910. Lidded mahogany box with interior lid label depicting a young man in Harvard athletic sweater, label repeats on outside and front edge: EX $175.00-$275.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 739 Pittsburgh Champion Stogies cigar box c.1909.. Over-sized wooden lidded box with impressed with impressed block letter titling issued to commemorate the Pirates Championship. Retains orig. surface and majority of its’ tax stampings: EX-EX/MT $450.00-$650.00 $400.00
See a Picture of this Item 740 April 21,1909 Boston Red Sox Opening Day game invitation. Formal printed invitation to the game played at Huntingdon Avenue Grounds between the Red Sox and Athletics featuring an embossed decorative baseball logo at top. Has a light horizontal mailing fold line otherwise clean. See Lot #640 for panoramic photograph relating to this invitation: EX-MT $400.00-$600.00 $500.00
See a Picture of this Item 741 Rare 1886 St. Louis Browns team composite print. Desirable lithographic print of the 1886 Champion Browns pictured in individual vignettes incl. Welch, Comiskey, Gleason, Latham, Foutz, Carruthers, and Bushong. Published by the American Engraving Co., St. Louis printed by Woodward & Tiernan. Print has some mixed areas of age toning and has some restoration to surface wrinkling, 17”x 24” matted and framed. 1886 Browns were American Association champions with a final record of 93-46 under manager and first baseman Charles Comiskey, rarely offered early print: VG $1,500.00-$2,500.00 $1,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 742 Fine Babe Ruth autographed photograph and related shotgun c.1935. Incredible pair of Ruth related items being offered by the family for the first time publicly. Includes a sepia tone 9”x 11” photo of Ruth batting while on the 1934 Tour of Japan boldly signed, “To My Hunting Partner Pierre Sincerely Babe Ruth” in black ink. Photo retains original contrast and clarity with only a few minor surface creases, marked with raised Japanese studio stamp lwr. right corner. Signature rates 9/10 out of 10 remaining in virtually original as signed condition. Also included in the lot is a Winchester twelve gauge Model #1912 shotgun used by Babe Ruth while hunting with his friend Pierre McCormick at the family estate in Cheter, New York. Gun exhibits moderate usage wear and remains in well cared for condition. Lot is accompanied by several copies of related photographs of Ruth with family members incl. Pierre and a detailed notarized letter of provenance from Marjorie Cullen who was married to Richard McCormick Cullen (Pierre McCormick’s nephew). Very fine pair of Ruth related items with impeccable provenance: Photo: NM, Gun: EX-MT $7,500.00-$9,500.00 $16,500.00
  743 Victorian scrapbook with various die cut pieces including baseball players. Oversized scrapbook containing dozens of early color litho. die cut figures incl. (10) baseball players. Players are named by team under figure and are attached onto the album page: Baseball Players: EX, Overall Album: VG-EX $375.00-$575.00 $550.00
  744 1932 World Series program at Chicago.Unscored program with vertical crease on cover and some light interior wear incl. creasing: VG $325.00-$425.00 $170.00
  744a 1931 World Series program at Philadelphia. Fairly clean example is unscored with light to moderate overall wear: VG-EX $250.00-$350.00 $170.00
See a Picture of this Item 745 Superb lot of 1929 World Series related items. Includes 1929 World Series program at Chicago unused in its’ orig. mailing envelope along with two ticket stubs w/rain checks from Game #2. Program and tickets exhibit virtually no wear, envelope has light toning: NM-MT $1,000.00-$1,400.00 $1,350.00
See a Picture of this Item 746 1927 World Series program at New York. Clean example is unscored with a small abrasion at lwr. rt. corner of front cover, interior is fresh with very little wear: EX-EX/MT $1,000.00-$1,500.00 $1,700.00
See a Picture of this Item 747 Rare 1920 World Series program at Brooklyn. Beautiful example of a tough early program is partially scored in pencil, has only very light handling wear with clean front cover: EX-MT $1,250.00-$1,500.00 $2,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 748 1915 World Series program at Boston. Scored program for Game #5, which was the deciding game for the Red Sox World Championship. Back cover features a full team photo of the Red Sox incl. Ruth, program has a few vertical fold lines and some light general wear. Charming period ink notation on front cover from the attendee of the game who writes,” of the men here loaned me his grandstand seat for Monday’s game and I found this program...” Not a bad deal by our count: VG $1,200.00-$1,500.00 $1,050.00
See a Picture of this Item 749 1912 World Series program at New York. Vintage program issued for the Series between the Giants and Red Sox in which the Red Sox prevailed behind Joe Wood’s three vistories. Offered program has two faint vertical fold lines and is scored lightly in pencil on scoring pages which are intact but have detached from book.: EX $1,200.00-$1,500.00 $1,350.00
See a Picture of this Item 750 Rare 1914 World Series program at Philadelphia. Exceptional example of one of the toughest W.Series programs of the era is scored neatly in pencil and exhibits only very light usage wear overall. Covers and interior remain fresh and clean with original color and gloss, a very fine early Series program: EX/MT-NM $1,750.00-$2,500.00 $2,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 751 Rare 1919 World Series souvenir book. Seldom offered early souvenir book issued by A.A. Prusank, Chicago detailing the player histories for both Chicago and Cincinnati teams. (36) page book features player photos and statistics incl. members of the infamous Black Sox. Back cover has some pencil notations (removable if desired) and interior center page spread is loose: EX $1,000.00-$2,000.00 $1,350.00
See a Picture of this Item 752 Significant 1919 World Series Game #1 ticket stub at Cincinnati. Full stub with rain check from one of the most famous games in baseball history when in the first inning Eddie Cicotte hit Reds second baseman Morrie Rath in the back to alert his co-conspirator teammates that the “fix” was on. The Reds would go on to win Game #1 and the rest is history. Ticket stub retains good color and contrast and has some light overall age toning: EX $2,000.00-$3,000.00 DNS
See a Picture of this Item 753 1919 World Series ticket Game #6 ticket stub at Cincinnati. Ticket issued for third game played in Cincinnati, which was the sixth of the Series. Has some vertical creasing but retains rain check and overall appearance with good color. Game six was a distinct turning point in the Series as the Chicago players, who were not receiving the money that had been promised to them, elected to abandon the fix and try to win the Series. They prevailed in Games 6 and 7 but were beaten in Game 8 after an intimidated Lefty Williams served up three runs in the first inning and Chicago lost the Series: VG $1,250.00-$1,500.00 DNS
  754 1914 Wabash BBC hanging pennant. Black felt pennant with applied yellow lettering commemorating the champions of the District Baseball League. 19”x 34” with early A.G. Spalding Bros. tag on back: EX $150.00-$250.00 $40.00
See a Picture of this Item 755 Lot of four oversized baseball pennants c.1919-1922. Largest pennants we’ve handled each measuring 26” tall x 42” long, two piece construction with blue and white colors. Applied lettering regarding the Champions of early baseball league most likely a New York or Connecticut Valley league. Each has some general age wear incl. few small holes at point and some light soiling: Range VG-VG/EX $350.00-$550.00 $170.00
  756 Lot of (10) early sporting balls c.1890-1930. Includes (3) early figure eight style baseballs c.1890-1910; (4) oversized softballs c.1910-20; and several other figure eight style baseballs c.1910-30: Range PR/GD-EX $200.00-$300.00 $270.00
See a Picture of this Item 757 Rare 1945 Boston Braves road jersey. Worn by Ed Wright during the 1945 season the offered shirt is one of the only known examples of this tough style. Jersey is a rich grey flannel with dark blue lettering and numbers, retains orig. #14 on back and Horace Partridge Co. tag in collar. Vibrant Indian head patch on left sleeve is very clean with only slight separation from shirt in one small area. Striking shirt with excellent display qualities: EX-MT $3,000.00-$4,000.00 $3,650.00
  758 Cookie Rojas game used baseball bat. 34-1/2” L.Slugger 125 model with K55 on knob end, shows good usage wear and has repaired handle crack: VG-EX $175.00-$275.00 $50.00
  759 Lot of (5) vintage baseball bats c. 1890-1910. Includes a abruptly tapered handle bat with yellow painted circle on barrell , others are all tapered handle early bats with no mfg. markings: Range VG-EX $150.00-$250.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 760 Lot of (4) player endorsed Mormac Sporting Goods store model baseball bats c.1930’s. Each measures 35-1/2” long with block letter full name stamped on barrell, Mormac was a Boston based manufacturer: Range VG/EX-EX $375.00-$475.00 $475.00
  761 Lot of (4) vintage baseball bats c.1890-1920. Includes Craft Novelty Co. bat, Peter’s Weatherbord shoes advertising bat with impressed rooster stamping, hand turned 19th century bat with sharply tapered handle, and a Hanna Batrite bat c.1920: Range VG-EX $200.00-$250.00 $30.00
See a Picture of this Item 762 Lot of (3) vintage baseball bats c.1900-1915. Includes D&M No. 10 model, 35” with very thick handle (has tape); James Brine Co. No. P model with Knights of Columbus symbol on barrell, 33” w/handle tape; and J.F. Hillerich & Son “Champion No. 7” model, 35”: Range VG/EX-EX $400.00-$500.00 $150.00
  763 Lot of (3) vintage youth size baseball bats c. 1910-15. Includes Ty Cobb Ball Bat, Spalding model 50B, and an “Amateur” model bat with semi-mushroom style knob: Range GD/VG-EX $125.00-$175.00 $10.00
See a Picture of this Item 764 Lot of (2) vintage youth size baseball bats w/ring style decoration c.1900-10. Includes 30” Wyeth Mfg. Co. bat with red band and two black rings at center, has some losses to red paint: VG and 30” Spalding No. 2XB bat with black painted ring on barrell end: EX $350.00-$450.00 $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 765 Reach youth size ring painted ring bat c.1890-1910. 29” blond color bat with very bold red center band flanked by four black rings, very clean overall with minimal wear: EX-MT $475.00-$675.00 $210.00
See a Picture of this Item 766 Rare L.Slugger model 42 Patent bat c.1916. 31” youth size model with dash dot dash stampings in oval and rare patent stamp on barrell: EX $400.00-$600.00 $275.00
  767 Jack Saltzgaver game used bat c.1934-37. L.Slugger 125 model 35” bat with fasc. signature stamp on barrell, has a repaired crack to handle and shows good usage wear. Saltzgaver played for Yankees from 1932-37: VG $150.00-$250.00 $90.00
See a Picture of this Item 768 19th century advertising painted ring bat c.1880-1900. 30” finely turned bat with tapered handle having black painted rings on barrell end and center. “Boys Clothing Martin’s Derby” stenciled at center and “ Go To Martins” hand painted in matching period black paint on barrell. Charming example: VG-EX $300.00-$400.00 $475.00
  769 Lot of (2) 19th century incised ring bats c.1880-1900. Includes 34” tapered handle bat with three faint incised rings at center, shows general wear and has a chip on knob: VG and 30” unmarked bat with two incised rings on barrell end: VG $250.00-$350.00 $75.00
See a Picture of this Item 770 Lot of (3) painted ring bats c.1880-1910. Each is unmarked with two having black rings and one having a red ring at end of barrell. Bats measure between 31” and 34” with typical age and usage wear (two have repaired handle cracks): Range VG-VG/EX $400.00-$600.00 $320.00
  771 Early baseball bat c.1890-1905. Thick handled bat with abruptly terminated knob, 34” retaining great original crazed surface. “1921” stamped on knob end although we date this bat to earlier period: VG-EX $175.00-$250.00 $30.00
  772 1941 NY Yankees commemorative black bat. L.Slugger black bat with gold fasc. signatures, has a few touched up areas and a small hole above trademark: VG-VG/EX $200.00-$300.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 773 Rare Bob Feller model premium baseball bat c.1940’s. Pristine unused bat of ash wood with black stamped fasc. signature at center, 33” long retaining orig. handle tape. This bat is believed to have been created for use as a Quaker Oats radio premium and never occurred as such the salesman of the bat elected to keep the bat: NM $400.00-$500.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 774 “The Dictator” model baseball bat c.1900-10. 34” tapered handle bat with stenciled lettering at center incl. “Hand Turned Club”, show light to moderate usage wear: EX $400.00-$500.00 $220.00
  775 Vintage lathe side written baseball bat c.1920’s. Obtained from the 1994 Hillerich & Bradsby vault sale, 34” thick handled bat with faint grease markings on side of bat that include dating in the 1920’s and name that as best as we can tell says “Maynard” most likely that of Chick Maynard who played for Boston in 1922: VG-EX $150.00-$200.00 $50.00
  776 Lot of (2) vintage baseball bats c.1915-20’s. Includes 34” “bottle” style bat, unmarked with second period finish: EX and “Semi-Pro” model bat , 33” with attractive carved cross bats and ball logo in center: VG $175.00-$275.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 777 19th century baseball bat c.1870’s. 39” tapered bat retains light brown patina with pleasing usage wear: EX $500.00-$700.00 $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 778 19th century baseball bat c.1870-80’s. 37” tapered bat with remains of four incised and stenciled rings at center, finish is very dry and has wear but retains good overall appearance. Possibly a Wright & Ditson bat as markings resemble known examples but unclear given dry finish: VG-EX $400.00-$600.00 $275.00
  779 Frank Frisch store model baseball bat c.1920’s. Spalding double diamond model bat with fasc. auto. on barrell end, 32” long with light to moderate usage wear: VG/EX-EX $125.00-$175.00 $90.00
  780 Lot of two vintage baseball bats: 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers Golden Jubilee bat, 25” long with wear to gilt lettering: VG and painted ring bat c.1900-15, 28” with rustic green and red painted rings: VG $300.00-$500.00 $60.00
See a Picture of this Item 781 Vintage textured grip baseball bat c.1910. 32” tapered handle bat with no visible markings, handle and knob have incised grooves for grip: EX $400.00-$500.00 $50.00
See a Picture of this Item 782 Early baseball bat c.1860-70’s. Large 38” tapered bat with small knob handle termination, retains original uncleaned surface with some dry rotting on end of barrell: VG $475.00-$675.00 $100.00
  783 Vintage baseball bat c.1900-110. 35” clublike bat with sharply tapered handle, clean with blond color finish: EX $150.00-$250.00 $125.00
See a Picture of this Item 784 Early painted baseball bat c.1890’s. 36” tapered handle bat with squared off barrell end, retains majority of a vintage coat of gilt paint wash which has mellowed to a toned gold: EX $400.00-$500.00 $120.00
See a Picture of this Item 785 Early painted baseball bat c.1890’s. 39” long bat with small knob handle termination retaining a crude but original coat of paint in barber pole fashion. Has some general wear incl. crazing and a repaired handle crack with nails: VG $400.00-$600.00 $425.00
See a Picture of this Item 786 Lot of two vintage miniature souvenir bats. Reach ring bat c.1890-1900, 14-1/2”: EX-MT and a three section 13” bat which is hollow for souvenirs such as pennants: EX $225.00-$325.00 $225.00
See a Picture of this Item 787 Harry Davis miniature decal bat c.1910. 14-1/2” long Reach No. 82 bat with orig. black handle tape issued at a dinner to commemorate baseball night at Robt. Lamberton lodge. Applied metal plaque on one side to note event along with a circular photographic decal of Harry Davis on barrell. Decal has two chips, bat overall is very clean: Bat: EX-MT, Decal: GD-VG $350.00-$450.00 $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 788 Tris Speaker miniature decal bat c.1910-15. 14” L.Slugger 40TS model with horizontal decal of Speaker batting, has a tiny scratch on hat and a scratch on “S” in Speaker at bottom. Decal remains 98% intact: NM $1,250.00-$1,500.00 $2,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 789 Honus Wagner miniature decal bat c.1910-15. 14” L.Slugger 40W model with horizontal decal of Wagner, has a tiny scratch at bottom rt. edge and a minute nick at top left edge of decal otherwise pristine. Stunning condition example: NM $2,000.00-$2,500.00 $3,400.00
See a Picture of this Item 790 Ty Cobb miniature decal bat c.1910-15. 14” L.Slugger model 40TC with full body vertical decal of Cobb batting, decal has only three tiny chips all on edge of decal border otherwise clean. One of the finest decal bats that we’ve encountered: NM $2,500.00-$3,000.00 $6,000.00
  791 Lot of vintage baseball equipment to include: Spider style catcher’s mask c.1910, Pair of early 1900’s quilted sliding pads, pair of cleats c.1915-20 w/Victor Wright & Ditson tag, and a James Brine & Co. baseball uniform (jersey and pants) with collar style jersey c.1905-10: Range VG-EX/MT $400.00-$600.00 $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 792 1951 Phila. Athletics road jersey. Unused and unissued grey flannel jersey retaining orig. “A” on front, back has no number. Retains orig. MacGregor/Goldsmith and Mitchell & Ness tags in tail along with Sept. 1, 1951 tag. Slight age toning in a few areas otherwise very clean. Nice displayable example of a vintage Phila. A’s flannel jersey: EX-MT $500.00-$750.00 $475.00
  793 Lot of two pieces of early sports equipment: Pair of football reeded shin guards c.1910: VG-EX along with an early hockey goalie’s chest protector c.1910-20, leather padded over layered wool construction: VG-EX $75.00-$125.00 $10.00
See a Picture of this Item 794 Lot of three pieces of early catcher’s equipment. Includes green canvas chest protector (missing some strapping): VG; Spalding buckle back catcher’s mitt c.1910-15 retaining clean label on back: VG-EX; and a rare spider style catcher’s mask w/throat protector c.1890-1910. Has all orig. pads and strappings with some wear to head straps, no visible makers mark: VG-EX $450.00-$650.00 $600.00
  795 Lot of two early small bill baseball hats c. 1910. Each retain orig. form with blue and green trim respectively, no visible mfg. stampings: VG-EX $125.0-$175.00 $150.00
See a Picture of this Item 796 Spalding baseball hat c.1910. Dark blue hat is very clean retaining orig. form with very little wears, has large black Spalding tag inside leather headband. Possibly and early umpire’s hat: EX-MT $150.00-$200.00 $80.00
See a Picture of this Item 797 D&M soft leather football helmet c.1920’s. Dark brown helmet with white painted head stripes retains orig. chin strap and interior padding. D&M logo with Lucky Dog stamp on back: VG-EX $300.00-$400.00 $370.00
See a Picture of this Item 798 Scarce Spalding baseball color lithographic advertising sign c.1919. Fine piece of graphic artistry depicting a game action scene with several pieces of identified Spalding baseball equipment visible. Cardboard sign measures an impressive 14”x 22” matted and framed, has some areas of wear incl. some flaking at edges, corner crease at upper right, and some light age toning. Color litho. baseball advertising signs of this period are becoming exceedingly rare with note to its’ large size: VG-EX $2,500.00-$3,500.00 $2,050.00
  799 Lot of two vintage baseball gloves: Split finger fielder’s glove c.1920, RHT: VG and Goldsmith buckle back baseman’s mitt c.1910-15, RHT with visible markings and label. Has a hole in back of finger, 1910 Patent date on strap: VG $75.00-$100.00 $60.00
  800 Lot of two vintage spider style catcher’s mas+C1515ks c.1905-10. Each retains orig. interior leather padding and head strappings, no visible mfg. marks on either mask: VG-EX $175.00-$275.00 $170.00
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