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Lot Number: 859

Description: This collection contains approximately 480 Wooden Shaft Putters. This Gentleman's Collection of vintage clubs has been collected over the past 15 years in the Middle Western part of the United States. The approximately 480 wooden shafted putters are all American made, or made outside the US but for the American market. The putters represent over 30 years in Golf in the early 20th Century as the transition of the putter can be seen through the many styles in this collection. There are over 35 of each Wilson, Spalding, McGregor, and Wright & Ditson brand clubs in this set, as well as clubs from Slazenger, Parlor Putter, and Kroydon and others. This collection is perfect for a Golf Club, a true golf fanatic, or for a collector of wonderfully preserved antiques. Below is a partial listing of the makes and models of putters in the collection McGregor Down-It Mallet, Sink-Em Mallet, Yards-More Inlay Mallet, "Putting Creek", Schenectady Mallet, "B.S. Putter", "35 1/2 Putter", "Popluar", "Edgemont 10x", "Go-Sum 10", "Peerless 10", "Duralite 10", "Master 10", Junior Rose Mark, Brass Blades, Aluminum Alloy Spalding "W.H. Potts" Brass Mallet Putter, "Chicopee Putter", Gold Medal, Accurate Arrow, Kro-Flite, "Hearther", "A.G. Spalding and Bros.", "Thistle", "Bermans", "Medal", "Morristown", "Morristown" Baseball mark Juvenile Club, Brass Blades, Aluminum Alloy Clubs Burr Key Bilt "Classic", "Tartan 10", "Majestic", "Regal 10" L.A. Young "Walter Hagen" autographed, "Hagen Triangle", "Hagen Getaway" Kroydon "SW8", "S33A" Aluminum Alloy, "S30B" Aluminum Alloy, "S32 Aluminum Alloy", "Banner Pendulum" Putter, Great Lakes Golf Co., "S/27", "Great Lakes", "3", "Steel King" Slazenger "The Travis" Schenectady, Schenectady, T. Steward Pipe Mark made in Scottland Parlor Putter Wellington-Stone, Stand Wright & Ditson "A.H. Findlay Schenectady", "A.H. Findlay 2", Special F Model, "St. Andrews", "Berwyck", "Kro Flite", "Bee Line", "Minature Course Putter", "Premier", "Robert T. Jones Jr. Valamity Jane", "Morristown", "Gene Sarazen", "Perfect Balance Putter", "Aim Rite", "Wilsonian", "Prestwick", "Grand Prize", "P2", Brass Blades, Aluminum Alloy Clubs Jack Burke End-Grain Patent Mallet, Schenectady Mallet, End-grain Patent Schenectady, "Gene Sarazen", Burke Juvenile Scales, Burke Junior

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