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Description: Historic and scarce 1889 Goodwin & Co. Old Judge Baseball Tobacco Round Album advertising poster (Finest Known Example: Wollfers Auction Specimen: 1992). The prevalent use of color lithography during the late 19th century revolutionized the practice of advertisement for a myriad of products. There is perhaps no better example of its medium than the various color lithographic advertising posters as issued by the Goodwin & Co. tobacco manufacturing company. Typical and more common examples promoting its various umbrella tobacco brands can be acquired on occasion for $1,000 or less. A different tier of smaller sized posters were produced for the Goodwin & Co. tobacco card series themselves including subjects such as Indians, Flags, Birds, and of course the 1880s Goodwin & Co. Baseball Champions series. However, let there be no mistaken comparison between those respectable, yet inferior, exemplars and the offered Baseball Round Album poster. This particular poster is one of only four known specimens and universally accepted as the finest condition grade of the group. The poster itself was issued in 1889 to advertise the premium "Baseball Album" illustrations as issued upon the return of seventy five coupons from either Old Judge or Dogs Head cigarettes. Vignette images of four or the nine issued player pages from the album are pictured within to include John Ward, Welch/Ewing/Ward/Keefe composite, Cap Anson, and O'Rourke/Richardson/Gore/Connor composite . Denotation of Old Judge and Dogs Head cigarette advertisement by Goodwin & Co. at the bottom margin displays prominently within the overall sight area. Overall size measures 20"x27" matted and framed with absolutely breathtaking original color and surface. There are some minor surface wrinkles scattered within the poster none of which presenting as significant. At the bottom center are of the bottom perimeter there is a 2" crease that appears to break the surface near the "New York" lettering which may have some very minor professional coloring mentioned for accuracy only. Each top and bottom edge can be found with a thin metal border that are not present on this example. The original production of this medium was expensive, limited, and not intended for longevity given their intended display purpose. As evidenced by the extraordinarily small surviving population the majority of these brilliant posters have been lost to time with most simply discarded after their use. Given that this example has resided within "The Texan Collection" since 1992 and the known population has only increased to am inclusive total of four is absolutely astounding. Its importance and scarcity coupled with this particular poster ranking as the finest condition grade of all known examples easily place it among the finest baseball or tobacco card advertisements to have been publicly offered: EX-MT

Estimated Price Range: ($200,000-$300,000)

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