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Description: 1911 T205 Gold Borders complete set plus variations (213 total cards). Extensive collection from this popular series represents a complete "base" set (generally accepted as containing 208 cards) with additional variations (213 total) and is around (8) cards shy of what is considered a "Master Set." Keys: Adkins (VG miscut), Baker (SGC "A"), Barger full B (GD/VG-VG), Barger partial B (GD/VG), Batch (GD), Bender (GD), Bresnahan mouth closed (GD), Bresnahan mouth open (GD), Brown (VG-VG/EX), Cady (VG-VG/EX), Chance (VG-VG/EX), Chase both ears show and frame ends at shoulders (VG), Chase both ears show and frame extends (FR), Chase left ear shows (VG, typed mark on back), Cicotte (GD), Clarke (GD), Cobb (SGC 1.5 FR), Collins mouth closed (SGC 4.5 VG EX+), Collins mouth open (VG), J. Collins (GD), Dahlen (GD), Donahue (GD), Dougherty white sock (GD), Dougherty red sock (GD), Duffy (VG), Dunn (VG/EX, possibly trimmed), Evers (VG), Fisher (trimmed), Grant (FR/GD), Griffith (VG), Hanford (GD), Harmon both ears (VG/EX), Harmon left ear (FR), Huggins (likely trimmed), Jennings (trimmed), Johnson (SGC 2 GD), Joss (GD), Marquard (GD), Mathewson (SGC "A"), McGraw (GD), Rowan (FR), Scanlan (likely trimmed), Shean Cubs (GD), Speaker (SGC 2.5 GD+), Suggs (GD), Tinker (trimmed), Vaughn (VG), Wagner (GD), Wallace with cap (GD), Wallace no cap one line 1910 stats (FR), Wallace no cap two lines (PR/FR), Walsh (GD), Wheat (GD/VG), and Young (VG with very small faint pencil mark on back). Balance of set falls in similar range of condition with average card around GD/VG. As noted, a few of the key cards/shortprints appear to have been slightly trimmed (including 2 which were examined by SGC) and it possible/likely that there are others mixed in (including some of those listed above) see online listing for more photos: Avg. GD/VG
Estimated Price Range: ($10,000-$15,000)
Current EST:  03/28/20 10:02:59 PM
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