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Description: Significant Jackie Robinson archive incl. early handwritten letters, related signed photograph, and wedding invitation. Important and intact grouping all originate from a supporter of Robinson with whom the Legendary figure had a friendship dating back as far as 1938. Includes: Dec. 6, 1938 dated letter handwritten by then (19) year old Jackie Robinson while attending Pasadena Junior College. Content references a picture which he was sending along and offers his well wishes for the Holiday season. "...I am sending you one of myself it was taken this year. I don't take very good pictures...I wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, Yours truly, Jackie Robinson." A note below is written in unknown hand ("Bobby I think it was grand of you to write this colored football player..."); the referenced 5"x7" sepia toned photo of Robinson which has lengthy handwritten inscription reading in part, "Dear Bob, I am sending you this in return for the swell picture you sent me+I am sending it in hope our friendship which has just started continues. Sincerely, Jack Robinson"; March 18, 1939 handwritten letter filling (2) 6"x7" sides of a folded sheet of paper. Content reads in part, "Dear Bob...I have enrolled in U.C.L.A. extension school and if I make up a few deficiencies I will be playing for them next year...sincerely, Jack Robinson."; "Graduation Day" greeting card which has been signed "Sincerely, Jack Robinson." In addition, he has handwritten a lenghty note/letter, reading in part, "Hello Bob, I have been looking all over L.A. in an attempt to find you...I am pretty busy getting prepared for my wedding, if you can make it I would like you to...Best of luck at your graduation, Jack"; original invitation to the wedding of Jackie and Rachel Robinson along with the reception card; a napkin from the event with "Jack and Rachel" lettered on in silver; handwritten thank you card which has been signed "Rachel + Jack Robinson" by Rachel. With exception of the 1938 letter which was written and signed in pencil, all are done in fountain pen rating 7 to 8 out of 10. There is mild consistent toning through along with scattered wear, much of which can be attributed to prior mounting within a scrapbook (including some small spots of residue/loss and some pieces having unobtrusive remnants of tape - napkin more substantially effected). A rare opportunity given the importance of both subject and seminal time period within his life. Includes full LOA from JSA: Overall EX
Estimated Price Range: ($10,000-$20,000)
Current EST:  09/26/18 10:42:41 AM