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Back Items For The Auction of February 18 -19, 2000  
  Lot Number Item Description Est. Price Range Sold For Price
See a Picture of this Item 801 “The Victor” model bat by Wright & Ditson c.1910-20. Attractive graining on this 32” bat with script logo and trademark stampings: EX $200.00-$300.00 $450.00
  802 Lot of two vintage homemade baseball bats with paint decoration to include: 30” tapered handle bat with red and green painted rings (appears to have been repainted to look old): VG and a 34” bat with elongated mushroom style knob and two light blue painted ‘targets’ at center and barrel end c.1890-1910: VG-EX $275.00-$375.00 $170.00
See a Picture of this Item 803 Ty Cobb store model baseball bat c.1915. Zinn Beck ‘Diamond Ace’ model #100 with block letter name under trademark, 35” with tapered handle. Has some dead wood on back of barrell: EX $500.00-$600.00 $750.00
See a Picture of this Item 804 Unusual L.Slugger 125 model Clark Griffith Bat & Ball Fund bat c.1916. Dash dot dash trademark with impressed stamp for Griffth logo, 34” with appealing color and patina: EX $400.00-$500.00 $400.00
  805 Lot of two vintage baseball bats to include: Frank Clark model #2726 w/primitive silhouette of a bridge on a shield shaped trademark, 31” with some knob chipping: VG-EX and a D&M “Special” decal bat, 34” with Lucky Dog logo and approx. 30% of decal remaining: VG $225.00-$325.00 $110.00
See a Picture of this Item 806 Painted ring bat with mushroom style knob c.1890. 33” bat with red rings on center and barrell end. stenciled “No. 60” at center. Knob has a small chip, retains orig. surface and patina: EX $375.00-$475.00 $550.00
See a Picture of this Item 807 Vintage baseball bat c.1870-80’s. Oversized 38” bat with three incised rings at center of barrell, tapered handle to well terminated knob. Shows attractive usage wear and retains orig. surface: EX $400.00-$500.00 $350.00
  808 Rogers Hornsby store model baseball bat c.1920’s. L.Slugger model 40RH, 35” with clean overall appearance: EX $275.00-$375.00 $190.00
  809 Harry Heilman store model baseball bat c.1920’s. L.Slugger model 40HH, 33” with light brown color and clean overall surface: EX $150.00-$200.00 $70.00
See a Picture of this Item 810 Scarce Joe Jackson professional model baseball bat c.1917-21. Louisville Slugger model 125 dash dot dash, 323/4” long weighing 32 oz. Intriguing Professional model bat with Joe Jackson signature on barrel end consistent with bats of the era. Bat retains medium brown color and original surface with fairly bold signature stampings, knob has some chipping on one side, handle has some splitting on reverse, and there is some dry areas to the wood at the barrell end. While the specifications of this bat are not consistent with those used by Joe Jackson it remains a highly sought after piece as any Professional model Jackson bats are exceedingly rare. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from David Bushing: EX $5,000.00-$7,000.00 $6,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 811 Rare Babe Ruth professional model baseball bat c.1920’s. L.Slugger 125 model , 331/2” long with early signature style stampings on barrel. Has two small knob chip repairs and has been cleaned, retains bold signature stampings. “Kingston Club” stamped on knob end, attractive early pro model Ruth bat with excellent display qualities: EX $800.00-$1,200.00 $800.00
  812 Stall & Dean Ping Bodie “Fence Buster” model decal bat. 35” bat with bold trademark and name stampings, retains approx. 30/40% of decal on barrel: VG $140.00-$170.00 $110.00
See a Picture of this Item 813 Horace Partridge & Co. decal bat c.1910. 31” bat with script letter trademark at center, retains 11/2” decal with Partridge logo on barrell. Decal remains 80% intact with one small chip: EX $475.00-$550.00 $475.00
See a Picture of this Item 814 Rare J.F. Hillerich & Son “Professional” model decal bat c.1905. Early tapered handle bat with deep burned in trademark at center, 32” long retaining red and gold decal on barrel end. Decal remains 95-97% intact , bat exhibits orig. surface and fine overall appearance: EX-MT $900.00-$1,200.00 $750.00
  815 J.F. Hillerich & Son “Regulation” decal bat c.1910. Dark brown 33” bat with light colored handle retaining orig. oval red and green decal on barrell. Decal reads, “Regulation” in red letters and remains approx. 50-60% intact: VG $275.00-$375.00 $90.00
See a Picture of this Item 816 Eddie Collins decal bat c.1910-15. L.Slugger model 40EC, 35” with crack on back of handle. Retains color decal of Collins on barrell that remains approx. 70-80% intact. Clean overall appearance: VG-EX $500.00-$600.00 $450.00
See a Picture of this Item 817 Reach “Burley” decal bat c.1910-15. A.J. Reach model 34” bat with medium brown patina retaining red, white, and blue decal of vintage batter on barrel. Decal remains approx. 70-80% intact and exhibits strong eye appeal: VG-EX $750.00-$950.00 $160.00
  818 Spalding Earl “Sparky” Adams model baseball bat. 32” bat with unusual circular Spalding logo at center, fasc. signature on barrell: EX $200.00-$300.00 $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 819 Early Spalding “Premier” model baseball bat c.1900. 34” bat with deep burned in logo and titling at center, wonderful original reeded grip remains intact with orig. surface. Crack on handle otherwise in clean condition: VG-EX $500.00-$600.00 $1,100.00
See a Picture of this Item 820 Early painted small knob baseball bat c.1870-80’s. Very attractive 39” bat with orig. black painted handle and ring terminating in a small turned knob. Excellent overall appearance and surface: EX $900.00-$1,100.00 $975.00
  821 A.G. Spalding “Black Betsy” style baseball bat c.1915. 35” bat with black painted barrell retaining Spalding trademark and fasc. signature at center. Has some knob chips and general wear: VG $200.00-$250.00 $300.00
See a Picture of this Item 822 Early small knob baseball bat c.1870’s. 43” hand drawn bat with finely terminated small knob exhibits distinct wear to one side of barrell end and slight curvature to the body lending to the conclusion that it was later used for a photographer’s prop: EX $800.00-$1,000.00 $450.00
See a Picture of this Item 823 Wright & Ditson stenciled ring bat c.1880’s. Blonde patinated bat with dual black incised tings flanking Wright & Ditson tradmerk. 38” with thick tapered handle and orig. lathe marks visible on ends. Very scarce example of 19th identified bat: VG-EX $800.00-$1,000.00 $1,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 824 Rare “Estes Professional” model baseball bat c.1890-1900. Light brown 34” bat with slightly tapered handle, has a fine carved impression of a 19th century style baseball player at center with pillbox hat and handlebar mustache surrounded by script lettering name and trademark. Knob has a small chip otherwise very clean, only the second example that we know to exist: EX $1,400.00-$1,700.00 $750.00
See a Picture of this Item 825 Fine 19th century ‘four quarter’ style baseball bat c.1870-80’s. Exquisite craftsmanship exhibited in this 37” bat comprised of four equal sections of differing woods. Handle has incised rings for grip and terminates in a very detailed button style knob. Very clean with only slight overall wear: EX-MT $2,500.00-$2,900.00 $2,200.00
  826 Reach Mushroom handle bat c.1900. 33” light brown bat with elongated mushroom handle and script stamping: EX $300.00-$375.00 $385.00
See a Picture of this Item 827 Early baseball bat c.1880’s with related tintype. Medium brown bat with tapered handle and bulbous knob measures 38” long. Includes 1/6 plate tintype of player leaning on bat believed to be the offered bat. Obtained from a Midwestern estate as a pair: EX $1,000.00-$1,400.00 $600.00
See a Picture of this Item 828 Scarce “Massachusetts Style” baseball bat c.1850-60’s. Very rare relic from baseball’s infancy, black walnut bat with two graduated flat sides and small knob. 28” long , described in Lovett’s book Old Boston Boys and Games They Played 1906 pps. 134-135. One of the earliest pieces of baseball related equipment we’ve offered: EX $2,000.00-$2,400.00 $2,100.00
See a Picture of this Item 829 1885 Wright & Ditson presentation baseball bat. Elegant rosewood 35” bat with tapered nadle and small well executed small knob, retains two orig. silverplate ornamental appointments incl. shield shaped plaque at center that reads, “Prize Bat Offered by Wright & Ditson for Championship High School Base Ball League Season 1885”. Silver ring on barrell end inscribed with manager and team name. Retains orig. finish in desirable old surface: EX-MT $2,750.00-$3,500.00 $4,600.00
See a Picture of this Item 830 Carl Yastrzemski game used baseball bat. 34” L.Slugger 125 model with fasc. signature and K48 on barrell end. Shows very light usage wear and is signed by Yaz on barrell: EX $450.00-$550.00 $375.00
See a Picture of this Item 831 Luis Aparicio game used bat c.1960’s. 35” L.Slugger 125 model with S44 stamped on knob end. Signed in blue sharpie by Bill Dickey on barrell: EX-MT $375.00-$575.00 $350.00
See a Picture of this Item 832 Mickey Mantle game used coach’s bat. 35” L. Slugger 125 model with K55 on knob end, has badly cracked handle with tape repair. Retains bold trademark and signature stampings: VG $475.00-$675.00 $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 833 Vintage Babe Ruth ‘lathe’ baseball bat c.1930. 1930 era bat obtained from the Louisville Slugger vault collection that was used as a model for Babe Ruth game bats. 35” with grease pen notations of “36oz-7/8/30 Babe Ruth New York American League Yankees”. Bat is unfinished with some chipping to knob, hold it in your hands and it becomes instantly recognizable as a professional quality bat: VG-EX $1,500.00-$2,000.00 $1,800.00
  834 “Fourth of July” style baseball uniform c.1915-20. Obtained from a PA estate incl. pair of grey pants w/red pinstripes, Goldmith socks, and an interesting handmade red, white, and blue linen shirt. Shirt was made for use in a special Fourth of July All-Star game and parade, great patriotic feel and appearance: EX $375.00-$475.00 $160.00
  835 Lot of vintage baseball items to include: (2) 1947 Phila. A’s scorecards, 1935 All-American collegiate baseball tour team photo (Max Carey coach), 1949 Jackie Robinson/Oee Wee Reese record album, and Ladies Day at Polo Grounds or Yankee Stadium sign, thick cardboard stock with black block lettering: Range VG-EX/MT $175.00-$275.00 $80.00
See a Picture of this Item 836 Rare 1914 Baltimore Terrapins Federal League panoramic photograph. Sepia tone image of the team in uniform posed on the grounds of Terrapin Stadium in Baltimore. Players incl. Knabe, Doolan, Quinn, and Suggs; image retains orig. clarity and contrast with only very light surface wear. Federal League lasted only two years and team photographs rarely become available given the short time window. 10”x23” matted in its’ original oak frame, very handsome and historically important photograph: EX-MT $6,000.00-$8,000.00 $7,250.00
  837 1916 Philadelphia Athletics team supplement photo. Black and white printed photo of the team in uniform, 11”x14” with players identified at bottom. Has a corner crease and light surface wear: VG/EX-EX $150.00-$250.00 $70.00
See a Picture of this Item 838 Pair of Reach miniature baseball bats c.1880-90. Each measures 14” long, one with painted red and black rings the other has brown rings. Remarkably clean original condition: EX/MT-NM $400.00-$500.00 $650.00
See a Picture of this Item 839 Pair of miniature decal bats c.1915. 14” L.Slugger 125 model bat with “Mary” stamped on barrell, red, green, and white “Cyclone” decal on back remains approx. 80% intact: VG/EX-EX and 14” L.Slugger 125 model bat with “Billy” stamped on barrell, red and yellow “Special” decal on back remains approx. 70% intact: VG-EX $375.00-$475.00 $110.00
See a Picture of this Item 840 1933 Washington Senators World Series souvenir decal bat. 18” unmarked bat with applied paper label at center with printed team name. Hand written notation on label detailing that the owner of the bat watched the 2nd game of the 1933 W.Series at the Polo Grounds. Small border chip on left side of decal: EX $450.00-$550.00 $240.00
See a Picture of this Item 841 Rare Nap Lajoie miniature decal bat c.1910. L.Slugger model 40L with vertical format decal picturing Lajoie batting in Cleveland uniform with fasc. autograph and statistics to the left in background. Decal remains approx. 85% complete in unrestored original condition and has chip on rt. shoulder running into his head. 14” total length, we’ve not encountered another example with the vertical format decal: EX $700.00-$900.00 $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 842 Rare Ty Cobb miniature decal bat c.1910. L.Slugger 14” bat with vertical decal picturing bust image of Ty Cobb. Decal is approx. 85-90% intact with only minor chipping and remains in original unrestored condition: EX $1,500.00-$2,000.00 $1,250.00
See a Picture of this Item 843 Ty Cobb decal bat c.1910. L.Slugger 40 T.C. model bat with vertical format “Georgia Peach” Ty Cobb decal on barrell. Decal is approx. 75-80% intact with most of the flaking in background areas and remains in unrestored original condition. Bat measures 33” long with tapered handle: VG/EX-EX $800.00-$1,100.00 DNS
  844 Lot of two vintage store model baseball gloves: Babe Dahlgren model baseman’s mitt by Denkert, RHT: VG-EX and Lloyd Waner model by Denkert #G69, RHT w/buckle back: VG-EX $125.00-$150.00 $70.00
  845 Joe Medwick store model baseball glove. Huge adult size glove model #G54 by Maxwell, block letter and signature stamps retain most of their orig. silver: EX-MT $175.00-$225.00 $70.00
  846 White leather fielder’s glove by Midco c.1930’s. RHT white leather glove with “Burton Hickies” stamped on palm, light overall wear: EX $140.00-$160.00 $100.00
See a Picture of this Item 847 Goldsmith white leather fielder’s glove c.1905-10. Superb 1 1/2” web example with soft surface and bold original stampings, retains orig. blue tag on back w/brilliant color and brass Goldsmith button. Owner’s name is faintly printed on back strap. Approx. 90 years of age is virtually undetectable on this fine early glove: NM $800.00-$1,200.00 $850.00
See a Picture of this Item 848 Spalding buckle back baseman’s mitt c.1890-1900. RHT mitt retains orig. black Spalding label and leather buckle back, missing lacings between thumb and hand otherwise typical usage wear: VG-EX $400.00-$500.00 $325.00
  849 Early crescent pad catcher’s mitt c.1890-1900. Well used mitt with damage to back incl. repaired finger pocket and missing grommet hook, interior retains basic form with visible pad: GD $125.00-$175.00 $45.00
  850 Lot of two early youth model baseball gloves : Spalding “Interscholastic” model, RHT with 1” web and impressed logo in palm Patent date 1908: EX and Grommet back catcher’s mitt c.1890-1910, unmarked with some damage: GD $250.00-$350.00 $140.00
See a Picture of this Item 851 Reach white leather crescent pad fielder’s glove c.1890-1900. RHT youth model #28 with black Reach trademark in palm, retains orig. black Reach patch on backstrap. Very little if any usage wear on this early glove: NM $500.00-$700.00 $2,500.00
See a Picture of this Item 852 Frank McCormick salesman sample baseball glove c.1940’s. Small three finger mitt with fasc. signature on palm, Goldsmith stamp clearly visible: EX $150.00-$200.00 $200.00
  853 Lot of two small vintage baseball gloves to include: Midco RHT youth size glove and OK MCM model catcher’s mitt: VG-EX $125.00-$175.00 $70.00
  854 Lot of two early baseball fielder’s gloves to include: Reach full web glove, RHT with 1908 patent date. Retains clean Reach tag and brass button, has a hole in interior lining: EX and Ken-Wel RHT 1/2” web, retains tag and brass button c.1915: EX $225.00-$325.00 $325.00
  855 Lot of two vintage store model baseball gloves: Rogers Hornsby model 648M by Wilson, LHT with fasc. signature and block letter name clearly legible in palm. Retains orig. brass Thos. Wilson button: VG-EX and a Gabby “Leo” Hartnett model #1634 catcher’s mitt, RHT with no visible manufacturer markings: EX $300.00-$400.00 $175.00
See a Picture of this Item 856 Workman’s style baseball glove c.1890. Very clean cream color leather glove with full web and crescent pad heel. No manufacturer stampings or model number, retains orig. asbestos lining. Exceptionally clean example with little if any usage wear: EX/MT-NM $1,400.00-$1,700.00 $2,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 857 Rare and Important tipped finger workman’s style baseball glove c.1880’s. Along with fingerless baseball gloves this style is considered the pinnacle of early gloves with less then 5 known including the offered piece. LHT model in unrestored original condition, no visible manufacturer markings. Well used glove retains ‘tipped’ leather finger pads and portions of its’ original crescent pad heel. Asbestos lining has had some repairs over the years but remains presentable, glove has a few areas where the stitching is beginning to separate but is very much intact. It is truly remarkable that any of these gloves survived after being used over 100 years ago and the offered example was obviously a very special and well preserved object to generations of baseball players: VG $3,500.00-$4,500.00 $4,200.00
  858 Republican Club baseball jersey c.1920-30’s. Cream color sun collar jersey with “Republican Club Sch’dy” applied red lettering on front and red applied “GOP” lettering and elephant patch on back. Retains orig. Reach collar tag, has some vintage hole repairs: VG-EX $250.00-$350.00 $160.00
See a Picture of this Item 859 Rare Joe Cronin store model baseball glove in orig. photo box c.1928-34. “Professional Model” light brown glove with full name fasc. signature has only light age wear: EX-MT. Box features photo inset of Cronin on the Wash. Senators, box is intact with some light soiling and a few creases: VG-EX $750.00-$850.00 $625.00
See a Picture of this Item 860 Rare Pee Wee Reese photo glove box c.1950. Orange cardboard box with large batting photo of Reese on lid, made to house an Olympic model glove No.2B-334. Has some light creasing otherwise fairly clean overall: EX $850.00-$1,000.00 $1,550.00
See a Picture of this Item 861 1967 Boog Powell Balt. Orioles home jersey. Home white flannel worn by the giant Oriole during the 1967 season, retains orig. Wilson tag along with year/set stitching in tail. Team name, player name, and numbers are all original and remain in clean condition. Powell signed the jersey at the bottom of the tail, accompanied by letter of authenticity from Phil Wood/Diamond Duds: EX-MT $1,500.00-$1,800.00 $1,800.00
  862 Lot of two World Series game used baseballs: Frick NL ball used in Game #5 of the 1934 W.Series, has pitchers written on side panel and team boxscores applied to ball: VG-EX along with a Giles NL ball used in Game #6 of the 1958 World Series, noted on ball that it was given to owner by Warren Spahn: EX $300.00-$400.00 $140.00
See a Picture of this Item 863 Spalding “Eureka” model baseball c.1880-1900. Blue stitched baseball with block letter “Eureka” on sweet spot. This type of ball is listed in the Spalding equipment catalogues as early as 1883, has wear incl. abrasions and scuffing but stampings remain legible although light: VG $300.00-$400.00 $350.00
See a Picture of this Item 864 Unusual oversized 1877 figure eight style ball. Softball sized brown leather ball with interior stitched lacings, retains orig. Patent info. tag dated 1877 marked, “Taken From the Debris of the Fire 1877”: VG-EX $300.00-$400.00 $275.00
  865 Figure eight style baseball c.1880-90. 8” diam. brown leather ball with double stitched figure eight format, moderate overall wear with original patina: EX $300.00-$350.00 $240.00
See a Picture of this Item 866 Lemon peel style baseball c.1850-60. One piece leather ball with pronounced double stitched format, 8” diam: EX $400.00-$500.00 $585.00
See a Picture of this Item 867 Very unusual figure eight style baseball c.1880. Brown leather ball with wonderful stitching pattern original to its’ creation that varies from the typical figure eight style. Great early ball is a testament to the way in which the game was played in the 19th century, 9” diam: EX $500.00-$700.00 $425.00
  868 Lemon peel style baseball c.1850-60. Large 91/2” diam. four piece ball in the manner of a Massachusetts style baseball. Has a 1” area of the leather missing and some other chipping: GD-VG $200.00-$300.00 $160.00
See a Picture of this Item 869 Lemon peel style baseball c.1860. Four piece leather ball with detailed stitching, 8” diam. retaining small applied paper label with “1882” written in ink: EX $600.00-$800.00 $900.00
See a Picture of this Item 870 Rare “H” style belt baseball c.1860-80. One of best examples of this difficult ball that we’ve offered with cream color leather retaining an untouched original surface and detailed intact stitching. 9” diam., ball has hardened from age freezing it in time from the 19th century until present: EX-EX/MT $700.00-$1,000.00 $1,300.00
  871 “H” style belt baseball c.1860-80. Crude homemade ball with suede like texture and rudimentary stitching, 9” diam. remaining basically intact: VG $300.00-$400.00 $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 872 Lot of two early game used baseballs to include: NY Metropolitans “Dedication Day” trophy ball c.1882. High quality ball with period ink notation on sweet spot, “Metropolitans vs. Philadelphia”. Ball has dark age toning and a staple for suspension on other side, from the estate of Long John Reilly: GD and a game used NL baseball c.1910 from Chief Meyers estate. Red and blue stitched NL ball with losses to leather cover on one panel, period ink notations on one panel regarding two games played between Cincinnati and the Giants one of which Mathewson pitched: PR-GD $400.00-$600.00 $1,800.00
See a Picture of this Item 873 Vintage baseball sealed in its’ original box c.1915-20. Clean orange and blue box retains orig. paper seal with player illustration , ball is believed to be Horace Partridge Co. based upon comparison to a similar piece that was previously viewed: NM $400.00-$600.00 $650.00
See a Picture of this Item 874 Fine Goldsmith “Official League” No. 97 baseball sealed in its’ original box c.1910. Attractive decoated box picturing the ball retains orig. paper seal which has separated at corners but top opening box remains sealed. Only slight overall age wear, see Lot #874 for related sign: EX/MT-NM $750.00-$950.00 $800.00
See a Picture of this Item 875 Goldsmith cardboard advertising window sign c.1910. Colorful cardboard sign pictures an “Official League” NO. 97 baseball with Goldsmith logo printed above, 13”x14” with only minimal wear incl. some border nicks and retains orig. hanging hole at top. See Lot #873 for related ball identical to the ball pictured in this sign: EX-MT $950.00-$1,250.00 $800.00
See a Picture of this Item 876 Twelve ball box of unopened J.DeBeer & Son Little League model baseballs c.1950’s. Colorful display box with die cut player backstand containing one dozen mint unopened baseballs in their orig. boxes. Light exterior box wear, individual boxes are mint: NM $600.00-$800.00 $1,300.00
See a Picture of this Item 877 Pacific Coast League baseball with its’ orig. box c.1940. Clean unused Wilson model ball w/Clarence Rowland stamp on side panel, box has some light wear but remains intact: Ball: NM, Box: EX $450.00-$550.00 $75.00
See a Picture of this Item 878 Spalding “Knights Of Columbus” official NL baseball c.1917. Red and black stitched NL ball with “KC” in red shield above trademark, ball has very light wear with bold stampings. Box has some creasing and general wear but remains intact: Ball: EX-MT, Box: VG $400.00-$500.00 $450.00
  879 Lot of two Joe Cronin American league baseballs sealed in their orig. boxes. Both retain their orig. $2.50 price tag: NM $300.00-$375.00 $350.00
See a Picture of this Item 880 William Harridge AL baseball sealed in its’ orig. box c.1935-59. Clean box retaining orig. paper seal: EX/MT-NM $475.00-$575.00 $900.00
See a Picture of this Item 881 William Harridge AL baseball w/orig. box c.1935-59. Off white color ball with slight wear to one panel, box is fairly clean with paper seal: EX $375.00-$450.00 $700.00
See a Picture of this Item 882 William Giles NL baseball w/orig. box c.1951-69. Clean near white ball with bold stampings, box has some damage incl. creasing: Ball: NM, Box: GD $200.00-$300.00 $275.00
See a Picture of this Item 883 Lot of two official baseballs in their orig. boxes: William Harridge AL ball c.1935-59; Ball: VG-EX, Box: GD and William Giles NL ball c.1951-69; Ball: EX-MT, Box: EX $375.00-$475.00 $750.00
See a Picture of this Item 884 Phila. Athletics fasc. autograph stamped Barnard AL baseball w/box c.1927-31. Lightly toned Barnard AL ball with 5 fasc. stamped signatures of Phila. Athletics incl. Grove, Simmons, and Cochrane. Includes Barnard AL ball box with some damage: Ball: EX, Box: GD-VG $400.00-$450.00 $350.00
See a Picture of this Item 885 Rare Ernest Barnard AL baseball sealed in its’ original box c.1927-31. Red, white, and blue Reach box retaining its’ orig. paper seal containing a Barnard AL baseball. Box has a small puncture at on corner and a split at one seam but remains intact and displays beautifully. Due to short time window sealed Barnard baseballs are among the toughest of any vintage official balls, only the second example that we’ve auctioned: EX-MT $1,300.00-$1,600.00 $2,000.00
See a Picture of this Item 886 Pair of Official Major League baseballs c.1910. Scarce pair discovered in one estate includes a Reach Official American League ball and a Spalding No. 1 Official National League ball c.1910. Each have similar light age wear retaining bold stampings and trademarks: EX $1,700.00-$2,200.00 $2,500.00
  887 Misc. vintage baseball lot to include: Uncut sheet of (49) Japanese caricature baseball cards in orig. “Namba Art” envelope, 1919 Pirates Season pass auto. by Dreyfus, Red Faber auto. Exhibit card, Sporting Life cabinet photo advertising pamphlet, 1910 Amateur baseball contract, and 1875 DeWitt’s Base Ball Guide (missing cover): Range GD-EX $125.00-$175.00 DNS
  888 Misc. vintage sports lot to include: “Cunningham” baseball CDV c.1880’s, Golf pin tray c.1910, and a group of (6) carved wooden football player buttons c.1930-40: Range VG-EX $100.00-$150.00 $280.00
See a Picture of this Item 889 Rare and Important Jack Dunn 1903 NY Giants game worn uniform. Superb NY Giants home flannell worn by Jack Dunn in 1903, Spalding jersey retains orig. “New York” applied lettering with only slight edge wear. Spalding tag in collar remains intact , also has “Dunn” written in period ink in collar along with “(3)”. “Dunn” also chain stitched in red at base of tail on applied patch, shirt is missing its’ original detachable sleeve extensions. Pants are matching white with identical Spalding tag and “Warner” written in waist band (Jack Warner played for 1903 Giants). Pants have general light wear incl. some small stains. This uniform was obtained from a Factoryville, PA family who were related by marriage to Christy Mathewson. Mathewson would bring various uniforms and equipment to children during the off season including the offered uniform. Jack Dunn played in the Major Leagues from 1897-1904 with less then spectacular statistics. However, Dunn had an eye for talent and remained involved with baseball for many years discovering and grooming many star players including a young kid from Baltimore named Babe Ruth. The rarity of original unaltered Major League uniforms from the early 1900’s cannot be overstated given the fragility of materials and original limited supply, a worthy addition to any collection. Accompanied by a notarized letter from the family: EX-MT $9,000.00-$12,000.00 $13,000.00
  890 Lot of two large format vintage baseball team photographs to include: 1903 “B.H.S.” team photo, uniformed team posed in studio setting with equipment and trophy. 12”x16” in orig. frame: EX and “Albright” college team photo, uniformed players seated and standing on bleachers outside. 11”x14” in period ornate oak frame: EX-MT $225.00-$325.00 $210.00
See a Picture of this Item 891 1935 Chicago White Sox panoramic photograph. Sepia tone image of team lined up on the field in Colton,CA. Players are identified beneath incl. Hafey, Simmons, Appling, Lyons, and Sewell. Has a few typical scrolling creases, 8”x39” matted and framed: EX $850.00-$1,150.00 $825.00
  892 “The Babe Ruth” story motion picture two reel set. Set of two movie reels with Parts one and two of the Babe Ruth Story motion picture. Appear to be in clean overall condition and should be viewable on the proper projection device: EX $150.00-$250.00 $45.00
See a Picture of this Item 893 Large format presentation photograph of the 1958 Cleveland Indians. Sepia tone print of the team in uniform posed in League Park, Cleveland. Players include Doby, Colavito, Minoso, and Wilhelm; 20”x24” with laid down on orig. board with some surface wrinkling: EX $400.00-$500.00 $325.00
See a Picture of this Item 894 Cleveland Indians warm up jacket c.1946. Button front blue jacket with red trim, retains original broken nose Indian breast patch on front. No visible taggings or markings, has some fading to body and some wear to elastic on collar and end of sleeves. For related example see Mitchell & Ness commemorative sporting goods catalogue. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from David Bushing: EX $1,400.00-$1,700.00 $1,050.00
  895 July 31, 1927 Amateur Day at League Park panoramic photograph. Sepia tone image of League Park interior with numerous city league and semi pro teams posed on the infield incl. one African American youth team. Nick Altrock is posed on the pitching mound with five bathing beauties, 9”x27” in orig. frame: EX $400.00-$500.00 $200.00
See a Picture of this Item 896 Rare Sports decorated “Gone With the Wind” style oil lamp c.1890-1910. Bulbous hand painted body with three sports scenes incl. golf, croquet, and crew. Original shade is hand painted with four sports scenes incl. soccer, golf, and tennis. Retains all of its’ orig. brass and metal parts incl. ornate cast iron base. Lamp was dropped at one point and has suffered serious damage to the shade incl. losses and major cracks, base is basically clean and intact but has some chipping at connection to iron base. Includes white glass replacement shade that fits onto base along with orig. painted shade: Base: VG-EX, Shade: PR $300.00-$400.00 $650.00
  897 Misc. vintage sports lot to include: Great baseball scrapbook c.1916 with numerous premium photos, cut down T-206 cards (Cobb, Young), and other early ephemera relating to baseball stars of the day; Large binder with vintage baseball photos (incl. autographed and related paper materials; and two scrapbooks with baseball ads and team photos: Range GD-NM $150.00-$250.00 $250.00
See a Picture of this Item 898 Rare Mission Oak settee with carved baseball decoration c.1910. One of only a handful known to exist this bench is part of a three piece parlor suite and is the key piece in the set. Oak frame has a wonderful carved backboard with a country baseball scene retaining its’ orig. paint decorated detail. Has one repaired crack to left arm rest otherwise in clean overall condition including desirable original surface. Seat is the original but has been recovered in red leatherette material and needs to be re-upholstered. Exhibits all of the trademark simplicities associated with Arts & Crafts style furniture, very few baseball related pieces of furniture are known contributing to the desirability of the offered settee. Measures 22” deep, 38” tall, and 45” wide: EX $9,000.00-$12,000.00 $9,500.00
  899 Lot of five early baseball team photographs c.1896-1920. Includes 1896 “Susquehanna BBC” team cabinet photo posed in quilted tie down uniforms on steps; “Navals” baseball team photo posed in studio with trophy and equipment, 1912 “Monocacy Railroad” team posed in uniform outdoors, and 1915 “Franklin & Marshall” baseball team posed in uniform on steps. Sizes range from 7”x9” to 8”x10”, fine grouping: Range EX-EX/MT $200.00-$300.00 $350.00
See a Picture of this Item 900 Rare and Important Ebbetts Field figural wall light c.1920. Cast brass wall lamp in the form of two crossed baseball bats with incised rings and ball with two suspended brass receptacles supporting two white milk glass globes. Light was removed from Ebbetts Field during demolition by a Mr. Richard Burke, according to Mr. Burke it once hung either in or around the Dodgers Executive offices and was removed by Mr. Burke to save it from destruction when the stadium was demolished. The lamp was treasured by Mr. Burke for many years as he transported it from his home in Rochester, NY to Palm Beach every winter and back to New York again for over 20 years. Mr. Burke passed away last summer and it is being consigned by his nephew whose letter of provenance accompanies this lot along with a photo of Richard Burke holding the lamp. Lamp has a few minor dents and some small chips from edges of brass but remains remarkably well preserved retaining its’ orignal unpolished patina. We attempted to locate an interior image of the stadium that might picture the lamp unsuccessfully but almost certainly one does exist. Endearing baseball related object from one of the most stored stadiums in baseball history: EX $7,000.00-$9,000.00 $8,600.00
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